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Tips on Begin a Good Tenant

Living under the same roof with the owner's family requires adjustment, sensitivity, understanding and a spirit of give and take. To foster good relations with your landlord, it may be helpful to keep the following in mind:

  • In Singapore, it is common practice to remove your shoes before entering the house. You do not walk into the house with your shoes on.
  • Avoid intrusion into the family's privacy. Join in family occasions only when invited to do so.
  • Keep your room clean.
  • Take good care of the family's property.
  • Comply with requirements regarding the use of facilities. (You should have negotiated the terms before moving in.)
  • Respect restrictions on the use of the family telephone. Do not allow your incoming calls to disturb the family late at night.
  • Do not waste water and electricity.
  • Keep noise level down.
  • Be courteous and considerate.
  • No smoking and gambling.
  • Learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the household.
  • Respect your landlord, housemate or neighbour's religious dietary restrictions. For example, Muslims do not eat pork while Indians and Buddhists do not eat beef. Hence, do be mindful of what you keep in a shared refrigerator.