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MRT Disruption during Examinations

Minor MRT Disruption (Affecting only a minority of candidates)

In order not to compromise the security of the examination, candidates who arrive at the exam venue later than 60 minutes after the exam has started (i.e. 10 mins reading time plus 50 mins) shall not be allowed to sit for the exam. This is the same procedure as that to be followed under normal circumstances for candidates who are late for exams. The reason is that after 60 minutes from the start of the exam, some candidates could have already left the exam venue with the question papers. Candidates affected by the MRT disruption and who were not allowed to sit for the examination could submit an appeal to the Exams Board for consideration on a case-by-case basis. Candidates who arrive at the exam venue after the exam has started but within the cut-off time of 60 minutes allowed shall not be given any extension of time for the exam.

Major MRT Disruption (Affecting the majority of candidates)

In the event of a major MRT disruption, the Principal, or, in his absence, the Chief Invigilator, shall decide on whether the examination should be postponed to a later date.