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SP Crest

The Singapore Polytechnic's Board of Governors adopted the emblem on 17 May, 1960. It is in the form of a shield, red and yellow in colour.

The colours are representative of a tropical environment. The upper portion of the emblem bears a lion on a red background. The lion represents Singapore and the red is associated with the Singapore flag. The lower portion illustrates an engineering wheel on a plain yellow background. The splined wheel denotes engineering technology. The compass represents exact measurement and implies precision.

As a whole, the emblem is intended to highlight the importance of the development of technology in Singapore. The phrase "Berkhidmat Dengan Keahlian" (a Malay phrase) means "To serve with skill", which signifies the educational mission of the Polytechnic.

In 2014, the translation was updated. “To serve with mastery” reaffirms our unique strength as a polytechnic. The Malay phrase remains unchanged as “keahlian” can be translated as “mastery” too. We want our graduates to eventually achieve mastery in their chosen specialization and profession through dedication and practice; and to use this mastery to serve, improve lives and make an impact on society.

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SP emblem

Designed to represent a tropical environment, the upper red portion bears a lion while the lower yellow portion illustrates engineering technology.