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Credit Accumulation Modular System

  • Under the new credit accumulation modular system, students will take a selected number of modules and accumulate credit units for those modules they have passed.
  • Modules are assessed immediately upon completion of the required academic work at the end of a semester. There will be two semesters in an academic year.
  • Students who are unsuccessful in the semestral examination need only to repeat the failed modules in the next semester. They will not have to repeat all the modules belonging to the previous semester.


A student shall pass all core modules of the course and, where applicable, sufficient elective modules to accumulate the stipulated number of credit units before he is considered for the award of the Diploma.


The duration allowed for a student to complete his course of study is as follows:-

  • Four years for a two-year course of study
  • Six years for a three-year course of study
  • Eight years for a four-year course of study
  • Ten years for a five-year course of study


A student who is admitted directly into the second year of a three-year course will be deemed to be doing a two-year course of study. This applies to all students who do not start from the first year of the course.


A student must pass all the core modules and options modules in a stage before he is promoted to the next stage of the course. The overall assessment of a module is based on any one or more of the following:-

  • Semestral Examination
  • 100% in-course Assessment
  • Continual Assessment

To obtain a clear pass in a module, a student must score 50% or more in the overall assessment of that module.


i) Students who fail any core module or option module of a stage shall be retained in that stage. They need not, however, repeat the modules they have passed. If a student fails an elective module, he will be allowed to substitute that failed module with another appropriate elective module.

ii) While repeating a stage, students may be allowed to take new modules of the next stage, together with the repeat modules. This is subject to the approval of the respective academic Director and on the condition that the total credit units do not exceed the prescribed number for that stage, and if such classes can be scheduled.

iii) Notwithstanding (ii) above, a student who has to repeat only one module may, upon the approval by the academic Director, be allowed to take that repeat module together with all the new modules in the next stage, provided such classes can be scheduled. This is a privilege granted to the student, and not a right, based solely on the assessment of the student's ability to cope with the additional module.


  • Any student who is unable to complete his course of study within the period of the course duration allowed, shall be removed from the course.
  • Any student who repeats any of the core, option or elective modules and fails, shall be removed from the course.
  • Any student who obtains a semestral average below 35% at one sitting shall be removed from the course.
  • Any student who is absent from the Semestral Examination without valid reason shall be removed from the course.