DCPE and DEEE Alumni Doing Singapore and SP Proud

Our heartiest congratulations to DCPE alumnus, Andrew Tan Kai Hao, and DEEE alumnus, Dylan Lim Wei Kang, both represented Singapore and did well in the WSC 2017 held from 15-18th October at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Andrew won a Bronze medal for Information Network Cabling while Dylan was awarded the Medallion of Excellence for Electronics. Both had to pit against scores of others in the 4 day gruelling competition. We commend them for their hardwork, perserverance and giving of their best throughout the competition.

Congratulations to Andrew and Dylan for doing Singapore and SP proud!

EEE Students shine at International Programming Contest 2017

Pan Ziyue & Wei Wenjie, Year 2 students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) won the Special Prize in PROCON (International Programming Contest) 2017, organized by NAPROCK (Nourishment Association for Programming Contest KOSEN) on 8-9 October 2017.

We were one of the 2 international teams in the competition which showcased programming, computing & information processing systems. Our students developed a novel end-to-end IoT to cloud computing system called MakeSense1. MakeSense1 is an open source computing platform which allows scientists and amateurs alike to make required hardware, write software algorithms to be updated to the cloud in real time; contribute by nurturing, monitoring & reacting to environmental parameters.

Wei Wenjie and Pan Ziyue with their supervisor, Mr Teo Shin Jen

EEE Students Made their Winning Pitches at 2 Hackathons

9 of our EEE students spent 48 hours prototyping and pitching their prototype and business plan at two hackathons - International Science Enterprise Challenge 2017 (ISEC2017) and Bosch BoT Hackathon held on 13 -14 May 2017. Both were intense competitions which demanded a new level of thinking and presentation skills, coupled with broad understanding of engineering applications.  In both competitions, our EEE students emerged in the top finalist positions to qualify for pitching at the next level.  READ MORE

International Science Enterprise Challenge 2017 (ISEC2017)

4 EEE students – Melvin Ryan (DCPE Yr 3), Pan Ziyue (DCPE Yr 2), David Santoso (DCPE, Yr 3) and Julian Kang (DEEE, Yr 2) – participated in the ISEC2017 held on 13 – 14 May at Singapore Science Centre. The theme for the challenge was food production to feed world hunger.  Students were mixed and matched in groups across different schools, polytechnics and ITEs.

Melvin’s group clinched the First Runner Up position in the finals with their pitch about a prototype to dehydrate food wastes from affluent countries, transform them into pellets and transport them to poorer countries to be used as fertilizer to increase production of millet. Julian’s group, though it did not enter the finals, received the Most Innovative Award for their pitch about a prototype to buy and redistribute near expiry food with on-demand pick-up delivery with cooperation with local supermarket. Both First and First Runner Up winning teams would be required to pitch to an international selection panel, after which, one team will be chosen to represent Singapore.

From left: David Santoso, Melvin Ryan, Pan Ziyue and Julian Kang

Bosch BoT Hackathon

5 year 3 DCPE students emerged as one of the top 3 finalist teams after spending 48 hours at Blk71 NUS Enterprise hacking a novel IoT solution composed of Bosch XDK sensors, LoRa, SigFox, NodeMCU, chatbot, and AWS.  The theme of Bosch BoT Hackathon 2017 (13 – 14 May) was making our current buildings even smarter, more comfortable and efficient.  The only polytechnic team competing at the Hackathon against 15 others from various varsities, which included NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT, they created a Data As A Service (DaaS) as their value proposition to building owners (REITs), potential tenants, realtors, and general public. The data of interest was the correlation between human traffic with property price such that an informed decision can be made or agreed on the dynamic pricing of property rental via graphs displayed on D3, and query to a chatbot. In this hackathon, Bosch loaned a set of XDK sensors to each team.

However, our students whipped out their own Bosch XDK sensor that transmitted sensor data to Bosch IoT Cloud at the early hours of this hackathon. The panel of judges were impressed by the preparedness of our students.

The students, Low Jun Qian, Kabeta Takuma, Jonathan Loh Ding Yue, Oh Zhi Hua and Jaden Edwin Chua, clinched the Second Runner Up position in the pitching of their prototype and business plan at the Boschville, a conference attended by 250 participants from government agencies and established firms in the IoT industry at Star Gallery on 16 May 2017.  Each of them was awarded a Bronze medal, Certificate of Participation and a Fitbit Alta.

from left: Oh Zhi Hua, Jonathan Loh, Low Jun Qian,
Takuma Kabeta and Jaden Edwin Chua

DCPE students @ the Finalist’s Presentation

4 EEE Students Beat Varsity Teams to Clinch Top Prize at IoT Hackathon

4 EEE Students won First Prize (Student Category) in AWS Hackday, an IoT hackathon organized by AWS and Intel, on 10 Apr 2017. The hackathon was a lead-up event to AWS Summit 2017.

Charles Lim (DCPE 2FT), Melvin Ryan (DCPE 2FT), David Santoso (DCPE 2FT), Julian Kang (DEEE 1FT) each won an Amazon fire, 100 dollar AWS credits, AWS iot button, and stickers. The other 2 prizes offered were First Prize (Industry category) and First Runner Up (Industry category).  Our student team was among about 20 mixed varsity and cross industry teams selected by AWS and Intel for this Hackathon. Teams sent were from Singtel, Dyson, startups, Non-Profit, NUS, NTU, SMU, and RP.  The experience our team gained at the 12-hour intense competition among varsity students was priceless.

The winning hack, dubbed “Ah-Yee”, is a virtual family member that engages the young and old at home.  It is made possible with a suite of fantastic AWS services comprising AWS Alexa Skills Set, DynamoDB, IoT, Lambda, SNS and S3. These services have been leveraged on for massive scalability through a serverless architecture. The hardware consists of a vision sub-system made with Raspberry Pi and Pi-cam, and a voice sub-system made with Echo Dot and Alexa.

Ah-Yee targets medical adherence for the ageing, and language training for the young. Seniors, who might not adhere to medical instructions due to language barriers, can now ask Ah-Yee regarding the medicine to be consumed. This is done by scanning a specially crafted label placed on the medicine package.  In return, Ah-Yee would read out loud the corresponding information in dialect that is stored on S3. In the event of an emergency at home, Ah-Yee would be the first to alert family members through the use of an emergency button made with AWS IoT Button. A single click of the Emergency Button sends notifications to people of interest (hospital, caretakers, etc) through email or SMS.

In engaging the young through English language training and customizable spelling tests, the parents simply set the necessary words to be learnt through Echo Dot and the children then practise spelling those words. Ah-Yee’s main objective is to remove repetitive and menial questioning and answering in daily lives, such that family members can instead focus on spending quality time together through meaningful conversations that reflects growth from day to day.

DCPE Students’ Algorithm wins Polytechnic Student Research Programme Award

Lee Wei Zheng Benedict and Willy Teo Way Yang, both final year students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering, co-developed, under the Polytechnic Student Research Programme (PSRP) with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), an effective algorithm for enhancing underwater images taken in various environments. The algorithm is useful for various applications including the study of underwater terrain and marine life, investigation of underwater artefacts and underwater photography. The proposed research work automatically performs colour correction on images taken at varying depths and environments, while removing the hazy effect caused by suspended dirt particles underwater. The project, titled "Underwater Image Enhancement," was among the 10 projects that clinched the PSRP Award at the ceremony on 23 March 2017.

Lee En En

Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Scholarship from Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies

The CSIT Diploma Scholarship is a bond-free scholarship offered to local polytechnic students. The scholarship is aimed at encouraging and nurturing young talents towards pursuing an education and future career in the dynamic and evolving Infocomm Industry.

Lee En En from DCPE has been awarded the scholarship from Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies.

Lee En En



Tan Kai Hao Andrew (DCPE 3rd Year, AY1617)

Andrew Tan Kai Hao

Talent: Information Network Cabling
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Gold Medal

Andrew Tan has always wanted to be in the Information Technology field as he has a passion for computers.
An avid computer gamer in his growing up years, Andrew had ample opportunities to come into contact with different types of computers. Joining ITE after secondary school sparked a new passion within him as he grew fond of both Engineering & IT.
Andrew also realised the importance of working hard in order to achieve his life goals. This led him to further his studies in Computer Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) after he graduated from ITE.

He joined the WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) competition in the Information Network Cabling category to broaden his skillset and to have a greater understanding of the industry. In WSS, he is exposed to a wide range of challenges, such as cable management, splicing of fibre glass and troubleshooting. With the additional experience gained through WSS, he is better prepared for work in the industry in future.


Ernest Yeap Zong Han

Talent: IT Network Systems Administration
Institution/Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
Award/s: Medallion for Excellence

From a young age, Ernest Yeap has always been enthusiastic about working with computers. His interest in computers saw him enrolling in the Diploma in Computer Engineering programme at Singapore Polytechnic.

His passion for computers also motivated him to compete in the WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) competition’s IT Network & System Administration category. With the practical training to prepare for the competition, Ernest is equipped with the necessary knowledge to design, set up and troubleshoot IT network and systems in real world situations. He also looks forward to enhancing his knowledge in network and server management.
Ernest hopes that the WSS will allow him to take his skills to the next level in order to be a competent IT professional in the ever-changing IT industry when he graduates from Singapore Polytechnic.

Ernest Yeap Zong Han (DCPE 3rd Year, AY1617)



From left David Santoso (DCPE), Melvin Ryan (DCPE) and Joseph Lim

Winners of SUTD Technology and Design Challenge 2016 - Design a System or Device that Reduces Food Wastage

Our students have done us proud again at the annual SUTD Technology & Design Competition held on July2016!

The theme for this year is “design a system or device that helps reduce or eliminate food wastage at any stage of the food value chain”.

Award winning EEE Second year students supervised by EEE lecturer Mr.Teo Shin Jen; David Santoso and Melvin Ryan both from DCPE, and their childhood friend Joseph Lim won second prize in SUTD Technology and Design Challenge 2016 with their device that manufactures convertible take away plates to prevent food wastage. The trio won S$1500 in prize money and a fully paid trip to SUTD to participate a 2-day robotics design workshop.


DSO Scholarship – Lee Wei Zheng Benedict

Benedict’s passion for electronics and technology began since his kindergarten days. Fascinated by how electronic devices and computers worked, he would build many projects, try numerous experiments when young. It led him to pursue the diploma in computer engineering course at SP.

At DSO, he was tasked with carrying out research in machine learning and data mining. Though he had little knowledge of these areas, he was more than willing, under the generous guidance of his supervisors, to delve into them as he saw that it would be extremely benefical to society. The internship was an eye opening experience as it gave him greater insight into what he could expect, and how he could contribute to society in that field. It also helped him to better prepare for work life if pursuing such a career.

Benedict is thankful for the award of the DSO scholarship as it has opened up many doors for him. After graduating from SP, he intends to return to DSO to work to continue the great learning experience and to be of service to others.





“Team SP Avengers” has won First Prize in the inaugural ONIC 2016 which is a competition opened to members of Research & Education Institutes (student, staff, or faculty) from Korea and Singapore. CIENA is a US-based provider of carrier Ethernet solutions for broadband and telecommunications service providers. The SP team consists of Dr Lim Joo Ghee, Mr. Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw, Jeremy Lee Kian Kiat (DCPE), Muhamad Farhan Bin Mohamed Haryadi (DCPE) and Seow Zhi Sheng (DEEE).


Studying Computers, Excelling in it

A few words from 2014 DCPE top graduate Lai Qing Hui on what he thinks makes SP education worthwhile.

2014 DCPE top graduate Lai Qing Hui from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) has received an offer from Nanyang Technological University to study Computer Engineering with a Minor in Business.

What do you like best about the learning environment in SP?
I like how the modules are structured in a way where students are first exposed to the basics of the theory in the first term. In the second term, students are then given relevant projects to applied the skills acquired earlier.

It also a plus point where SP include other modules in the curriculum that are from other schools. Modules such as teamwork and communication skills are very essential for the students who will quickly find out why they need them in the near future.

What has been the biggest motivating factor(s) that helped you to perform very well in your course?
The biggest motivating factor came from my passion in what I am learning in school. I am a huge fan of technology! SP gave me an opportunity, and the resources to learn and do things that I love doing! When you are doing what u love, it's only natural that you will excel in it!

What are your most memorable moments in SP?
When I was entrusted to present on behalf of my Tech group during the SP Engineering Show. I had to present all of the projects in my Tech group to the Principal and CEO of SP, Officials from the Singapore Police Force, Directors from Infocomm Development Authority and many other esteem VIPs. It was a nerve-wracking experience but no doubt one of proudest moment in my life!

SP is turning 60 this year. Do you have any message for SP?
Congratulation SP! The first Polytechnic in Singapore! After spending three years in SP, it has become my second home. I’m sure many of the students feel the same way too! Continue to nurture talents and help making dreams come true! With SP, it's so possible!

A few words from 2014 DCPE graduate Tsu Wei Quan on what he thinks makes SP education worthwhile and the National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS) Scholarship that he received.

What are your thoughts on receiving the NIS scholarship?

I feel very honoured to be a recipient of this NIS scholarship. Receiving this scholarship was one of my greatest achievements in my life thus far and it gave me confidence to continue exceling in computer engineering studies. I am glad that all the effort that I had put in during my polytechnic years had paid off. Of course, receiving this scholarship wouldn’t be possible without the constant guidance and support that my polytechnic lecturers had given me. I am thankful for opportunity offered and I will do my best to contribute to this modern computer technology savvy society.

What spurred your passion in computer engineering?

During my secondary school days, online games had always been a craze and I was very much immersed in the thrill of computer gaming. I was very intrigued by the layout of these games and would spend hours in front of the computer exploring for new software resources hoping to just kill my burning curiosity. I was particularly interested in computer security such as hacking techniques and cheat engines software. From then, my passion for computer technologies grew. Furthermore, through some interactions with IT support team, I managed to get a better understanding of internet network maintenance and was amused to know how connected these systems were. Moreover, taking up part time jobs in IT events further broaden my knowledge of computers and software related products. My passion for computers never fails to get stronger. Simply said, anything that is involved with computers light that spark in me.


Why did you decide to come to SP?

Knowing that I have a passion for computers ever since my secondary school days, I was certain that computer engineering was the right course for me. Well having heard from words of mouth that SP was known to have one of the best engineering schools among the other few polytechnics, I begin to research further by looking through SP portals and reading reviews of SP engineering alumni. With many considerations, I chose Computer engineering as my top choice during my course selection upon entry to Singapore Polytechnic as I am confident that SP can offer me with the right essential knowledge that I had always wanted. Undoubtedly, it was a decision that I did not ever once regret. I fell in love with this course even more during my study in SP as the modules had given me a better understanding and concrete foundation of computer technology.


How has the SP experience help you so far?

SP had equipped me with good technical skillset that is deemed useful for my future use. Moreover, SP offers a wide range of equipment that is available for student use. With the availability of these facilities, I was exposed to many new technologies such as 3D-Printer and laser-cutter. Furthermore, there are always friendly and professional TSO/ lab technicians that are willing to assist me whenever I needed help with machine operations. This made learning so much easier. During my study in SP, I also have the privilege of working in SP learning data centre at T931 under the guidance of Mr Teo Shin Jen. This had provided me with a good simulation experience of how the outside world’s data centres were like.

My SP experience would not be complete without mentioning the constant support that I had received from my lecturers. During my year 2 in SP, I was very interested in cloud computing. Hoping to learn more in that particular specialised topic, I approached a few lecturers for more detailed information. Mr Teo Shin Jen was more than happy to provide me with the related knowledge and from there, I managed to complete 3 projects involving cloud computing. I was glad that I was able to experience hands-on experiments in T931 lab together with my fyp team. I would like to specially thank Mr Teo for inspiring me and guiding me throughout these years. The experiences that I gained from SP were fruitful and beneficial to me.

What is your future aspiration?

Having a strong passion for computers, my future aspiration is to contribute to the modern IT society. My future aspiration is to work in the industry of computing. Alongside my tertiary studies, I had set a few goals that I would want to achieve before I step into the working society. As a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), I wish to proceed further on to being a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Other related tasks that I am currently embarking on include live streaming of data from many sensors to a cloud server and providing real time information. I also hope to attain other certificates such as Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and many others. Although I have only managed Cloud Stack, I would also love to gain experience from other cloud platform. I find deploying of cloud service an excitement to me as I learn something new each time I deploy. Hence OpenStack and Eucalyptus would be my next focus of interest. Other than cloud computing, I will be learning to code in lua, improving my java skills and hope to develop a mobile application soon. As this may seem overwhelming for me at this moment, I believe I can do it as long as I have the passion and take each step one at a time.

Yu Ke Ming Graduate of DPCE in 2015 has been actively involved in numerous community services since 2013. He has bagged the Motorola Scholarship for AY2013/14. He was a finalist in WorldSkills Singapore 2014 in the skill area of Electronics.

Kelvin Khoo Kuok Yao from DCPE, graduated in 2011, has been awarded MICA Scholarships Award in 2012 by Ministry of Communications and Information to further his study at University College London. He is currently pursuing his Master degree at Oxford University.

Leong Wei Herng Nigel from DCPE, graduated in 2011, was awarded SUTD Undergraduate Merit Scholarship to pursue engineering degree.

Mediana, from DCPE, graduated in 2011, studied for Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honour) at National Technological University is Lee Kuan Yew gold medal.

Ng Jian Ye Eugene from DCPE was a recipient of SP Excellent Award 2013 for Sports. He has also came 1st in Wushu National Open Sanda Championships 2011.

Lee Yu Qing from DCPE, graduate in 2011, has received the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement, the Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Book Prize and the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship to Encourage Upgrading from MOE.

Goh Su Hwee Timothy from DCNT, graduated in 2007, has been awarded DSTA Scholarships by Defence Science & Technology Agency, to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering from Cambridge University. He also won gold medal and best of nation award in the IT-PC & Network Support trade at WorldSkills Competition in 2007, in Japan.