Facilities Section

On 7 October 2011, Singapore Polytechnic launched the Singapore Polytechnic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Cloud Computing Center (SPE³C³).

The initiative is the brainchild of Steven Chew Lai Keat, Senior Lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering as there was a critical need for the school to embrace the move to a digital curriculum – using all digital resources, technologies that were previously expensive or unavailable that is now becoming free to anyone with a web browser. SP teamed up with industry leaders Cisco, Citrix Systems and NetApp in developing the center.

This collaboration has made SP the first educational institute in the Asia Pacific to deliver cloud computing education through an operational data centre environment. The new facility has been established to provide teaching staff and students in the school with on-demand, scalable, virtual computing and storage in labs.

Learn in a fully equipped cloud centre which can power up to 400 virtual machines and start 240 server virtual machines in six minutes - 20 times faster than the standard industry benchmark.