Future Career and Studies

I can begin my career

With the increasing usage of smart devices in the last decade, the need for computer engineers to manage and control the hardware, software applications and systems around us has never been greater. DCPE graduates have a wide variety of career options including:

  • Assistant Computer Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer (IT Support)
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Data Centre Engineer
  • Network/System Administrator
  • Software/Mobile Applications Developer
  • Cyber Security Specialist

I can enhance my skills

You can also further your skillsets by sitting for world-wide recognized Industry Certifications as follows:


These certifications will enhance your value as Computer Engineering professionals in Singapore as well as in world-wide organizations.

I can further my studies

As a DCPE graduate, you may be offered direct entry/advanced standing at local and overseas universities respectively. They include:

Local Universities

± National University of Singapore (NUS)
± Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
± Singapore Management University (SMU)
± Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
± Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Overseas Universities

± Australia
± United States of America
± United Kingdom
± New Zealand

For a full list of degree options and advanced standings at the local or overseas universities, please visit the Advanced Standing Database