Solar Car Race - Never Give Up

My perspective on engineering changed when I participated in Create Challenge 2011 back in   secondary three. During the course of the competition, my team and I brainstormed, designed and created a prototype with the theme of Green Aviation. We were utterly surprised when we learnt that we emerged the national top 8 finalist. This sparked a passion in me and got me interested in engineering. With concern for the environment, I enrolled myself into Clean Energy in Singapore Polytechnic.

Three years in SP has equipped me with the basic fundamentals as well as hands-on skills, which prepared me for my further studies and work. My interest towards engineering grows as I gain more knowledge from lecturers as well as my peers in DCEG. SP motivates me to work independently and strive for the best in everything I do. I favour new challenges, so despite heavy involvements with studies and CCA, I joined the Youth Model ASEAN Conference (YMAC) 2014 as the committee chairperson. This event definitely moulded me into a better leader and listener as I facilitated 30 student delegates from the 10 ASEAN countries through debate sessions. I am glad that I helped foster good friendships among the delegates.

The most memorable moment in DCEG would be the building of SunSPEC4. SunSPEC4 is the first 2-seater solar car in Singapore and was the only Singapore entry to World Solar Challenge (WSC) 2015 in Australia. I’m very privileged to be a part of the team. Thebuilding ofthe car took us quite a long time, but it was heavily damaged when a fire broke out in the lab. We were just a month away from WSC, yet we had no solar car to race. Despite all this, our team was determined to rebuild the car. Although we had limited time, we did not falter in the face of stress. Within 4 weeks, our systems were up and ready for WSC! Crossing the entire continent of 3000km over 6 days was no easy feat for the SunSPEC Team and myself, but it was extremely rewarding to see SunSPEC4 cross the finishing line at Adelaide because we preserved and did not give up.

Everything is possible if we put in effort. As engineers, we must have the “never-say-die” spirit in us! I am currently offered the BCA-Built Industry Undergraduate Scholarship to further my studies in Electrical Engineering in National University of Singapore. I believe that with the knowledge I acquire, I can play a part in building a greener environment.


Green Alternatives

Inspired by her overseas internship with a solar energy company during her time in SP, graduate Kwok Sher Wei is now pursuing further studies at Nanyang Technological University with a scholarship, and a future career with the Energy Market Authority.

Below is an article from The Straits Times.

An electrifying start to success

Anyone who was nearly electrocuted during their childhood would most likely develop a fear of electricity. But for Pisigan Carlo Adrian Rectra, a case of near electrocution only piqued his curiosity towards electricity and energy sources.  He researched and realised that the current energy sources powering the earth were not sustainable and harmful to the environment.

After his G.C.E ‘O’ levels, the Yishun Town Secondary School alumnus searched for relevant diplomas that he could apply for. He came across Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Diploma in Clean Energy and immediately put it down as his first choice. His choice of this SP diploma was influenced by SP’s prestigious reputation in engineering and the fact that SP was the first polytechnic to offer a renewable energy-related diploma with a comprehensive curriculum.

It was certainly the right choice as the SP Engineering Scholar and Model Student Award winner had the rare chance to help build SunSPEC3 - Singapore’s only solar car entry for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013. He also took part in the challenge that was held in the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide.  The experience was enriching and nerve-wrecking for the then 19-year-old student as he had to solve engineering issues with limited resources in the harsh outback. Nevertheless, he and the team did a terrific job and returned with fresh perspectives on engineering.

Australia was also where Carlo did his internship. Attached to the University of New South Wales, he researched and simulated a micro energy grid consisting of wind turbines and solar cells. The internship paralleled his aspirations to be a researcher in the field of clean and renewable energy.

Back home, Carlo was involved in the Chingay parade for the past three years as the volunteer leader of the transport management team. The logistics and co-ordination undertaken by Carlo and his team ensured that the performers who number in the thousands arrive and depart from the performance venue smoothly and safely.

During Carlo’s tenure as the President of the SP Tennis club, he organised tennis tournaments and put his racquet skills to the test. He did SP proud by clinching the Gold medal in the men’s double and the Silver medal in the mixed doubles at the 2013 edition of the SP Novice Open and SP Open respectively.  Under the SP Outstanding Talent Programme, he had also attended the overseas leadership development programme to Indonesia and Malaysia.

As a recipient of four scholarships, Carlo has accepted the scholarship offered by the Energy Market Authority(EMA) for his overseas undergraduate study and he aims to study Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, London, U.K. after his National Service. Carlo has this advice for future students, “Don’t stop at good academic performance. Stay hungry, enrich your experiences and always do something more than you can.”

Lee Kuan Yew Award
Weidmuller Gold Medal
OCBC Prize
Shell Merit Award
The Institution of Engineers Gold Medal Award

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