Learning Opportunities

I can expand my horizon - Internship Programme

DES students work on projects during their 22-week internship at the industry or research institutions at the final semester of the course. Students are exposed to meaningful and relevant workplace attachment to better connect their learning to the workplace and deepen their skills, so that they are better prepared for their transition to the workplace after graduation. These projects will be assessed based on the knowledge and skills that the students apply in the design and development of new systems, or processes during their internship.

Some of the past internship projects:

Study of Predictive Maintenance & Detectors Data Analysis Interactive Learning on EMU-LOCO Shunting
3D design of mounting & inspection kits for image devices in Smart Factory Design an instrument that measures the jerking motion of the train

So, take your first step into the engineering world through a 22-week internship programme with renowned and wellestablished companies. Learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in the industry at places such as:

  • Land Transport Authority
  • PSA Corporation Limited
  • SBST Ltd
  • SICK Product Center Asia Pte Ltd
  • SMRT Corporation