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December Children camps

In the spirit of our ‘Caring Community’ vision, students from the Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS) and Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) in collaboration with Lakeside Family Services (LFS), devoted two meaningful days interacting with primary school children in the December Children’s Camps held on 14-15 December 2015.

DBS student leaders designed the ‘Explore! Self Esteem” camp for the lower primary children to discover their self-identities, including their strengths and uniqueness. The children had a fun-filled day with Maze Runner, Three Blind Mice, Octopus Marker and Game of Defense games at the polytechnic. With this boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem, the students went on to role-play occupations such as doctors, policemen, chefs, cashiers, hairstylists and others at The City, an interactive playground at Liang Court. The children had a fun time of learning through play, while discovering their passion and future aspirations. It was followed by a fun art and craft session and a mini-party to celebrate the year end. Every child constructed and decorated a mini 3-D Christmas tree using simple craft materials, which encouraged them to nurture their creative talents and expressions.

For the upper primary children, the DBT student leaders guided them through a 'Security, Self-Confidence and Steadiness in Facing Challenges' theme camp. The series of activities such as Tangram, Tongue Twisters, Broken Telephone as well as a visit to the National Museum of Singapore were planned to inculcate the values of teamwork, self-confidence, kindness, respect and positive attitude. These values were reinforced at the end of the day through reflection sessions conducted by the DBT student leaders Indeed, the camp was both a meaningful and fruitful experience for both the children and student volunteers.


Written by:
Siti Nurafazirah Binte Sheikh Arzimi
DBS Current Year 2 student

Moh Swee Min and Liu Nianci
DBT Current Year 2 students