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Course Intake and JAE ELR2B2


The table shows the planned intake for SP courses for AY2017/2018. The figures include students who will be admitted via the various admissions exercises that would be jointly or independently conducted by the Polytechnics.

To be eligible for consideration for admission to the various courses at SP, applicants must obtain 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 score and meet the minimum entry requirements.

The 2017 JAE ELR2B2 in the table below shows the net ELR2B2 aggregate score of the lowest ranked students who were admitted to these courses through the 2016 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) (for Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level qualification). These aggregate scores are meant as a reference for applicants applying to these courses and do not constitute the admission scores for subsequent admissions exercises.

The ELR2B2 refers to the aggregate score of English Language, two Relevant subjects and two other Best subjects.

Course 2017 Planned Intake 2017 JAE ELR2B2
Applied Chemistry (S64) 120 10
Biomedical Science (S98) 60 7
Biotechnology (S72) 40 9
Chemical Engineering (S70) 140 13
Food Science and Technology (S47) 80 13
Nutrition, Health and Wellness (S44) 40 10
Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (S38) 60 14
Architecture (S66) 105 13
Civil Engineering with Business (S68) 160 19
Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management (S95) 90 13
Integrated Events and Project Management (S50) 120 14
Landscape Architecture (S94) 40 18
Accountancy (S75) 230 12
Banking and Finance (S76) 120 12
Business Administration (S71) 230 12
Business Innovation and Design (S34) 40 14
Financial Informatics (S46) 100 13
Human Resource Management with Psychology (S48) 100 12
Tourism and Resort Management (S55) 100 12
Aeronautical Engineering (S88) 220 12
Aerospace Electronics (S90) 140 14
Bioengineering (S58) 40 13
Common Engineering Programme (S40) 150 15
Computer Engineering (S53) 160 17
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (S99) 340 18
Energy Systems and Management (S45) 60 21
Engineering with Business (S42) 80 14
Engineering Systems (S33) 40 21
Mechanical Engineering (S91) 230 16
Mechatronics and Robotics (S73) 75 13
Optometry (S67) 60 13
Applied Drama and Psychology (S43) 45 14
Creative Writing for Television and New Media (S41) 45 12
Business Information Technology (S82) 84 14
Infocomm Security Management (S54) 106 11
Information Technology (S69) 130 14
Music and Audio Technology (S97) 55 14
Marine Engineering (S63) 120 17
Maritime Business (S74) 160 18
Nautical Studies (DNS) 50 Offered under DAE
Digital Animation (S35) 50 11
Experience and Product Design (S51) 40 18
Games Design and Development (S56) 60 12
Interior Design (S89) 75 16
Media and Communication (S86) 100 13
Visual Communication and Media Design (S93) 90 14
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (S39) 40 14



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