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Sci-Fi? Challenge accepted

Meet Hema, a second year student from the Diploma in Optometry course!  Hema and her friends worked on the planning and running of the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS)’s flagship outreach event, the Sci-Fi Challenge. The theme for this year was “Heart Diseases” and consisted of a series of workshops and activities as well as industrial talks. Throughout the Challenge, the students would accumulate points, and the schools with the highest points won prizes. Through this event, Hema and her friends had a whale of a time meeting new friends from various secondary schools! Read about her journey here.

Hi! I’m Hema, a second year student from SP’s Diploma in Optometry course. On 28th June 2014, I took part in an SP event called the Sci-Fi Challenge, organised annually by CLS. Secondary school students came to SP with their teachers to learn more about the three health science diploma courses offered in CLS which are the Diploma in Biomedical ScienceDiploma in Biotechnology and Diploma in Optometry. There were games and activities prepared for our secondary school friends to try their hand at in the Sci-Fi workshops specific to each health science course.


After the workshops, the secondary school students attended industry talks in various classrooms. They also had fun with some short fringe activities along the corridor. At the end of the day, the schools with the highest points accumulated at various games won prizes.


This event was meaningful to me as it was the first time I took up a role as a leader in an event. I was quite nervous at first as I tend to be quite timid when I meet new people. Somehow I overcame that fear on the day of the event. I learnt more about leadership skills and communicating with my fellow team mates from this event. I also learnt to make quick decisions so as to properly lead my team. Through this event, I got closer with my fellow course mates and my lecturers.


My team mates were my friends Syahmah, Shantel, Arinawati and Salimi from the Diploma in Optometry course. The main role of my team was to help out with the logistics of the event. We had to prepare the seating plan, come up with questions for the fringe activities, do registration, compute the overall scores, and to give out the prizes for the fringe activities.


Overall even though the event was tiring, it was very memorable. I had lots of fun interacting with my fellow course mates and the secondary school students. I feel proud to be a part of an event that promotes my course, and the other health science courses in SP in a fun way. I look forward to creating more memories with future CLS events.


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