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Together we strive!

In March 2014, a total of 26 students and two SP staff embarked on a 13-days journey to Cambodia for an overseas community service under the Youth Expedition Project (YEP). Our team is called “Together we strive!”. We carried out educational activities such as teaching English and hygiene to the local Cambodian students at the Boys Brigade Learning Center, participated in Rice Soup Feeding Program, helped out with the distribution of donation items to the residents at the dumpsite, and contributed to infrastructure work at a local primary school at Puok District. It was an enriching experience for both the Singapore delegates as well as the Cambodian teachers and children.

Locally, we also collaborated with FaithActs for community service before and after the Cambodia trip. Our students organised a sandwich making party as well as a Games Day for the children at FaithActs to share with them about the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

“It was very eye opening to personally experience the simplicity of life in Cambodia. Although their environment conditions and standard of living are not high, they are very happy and easily contented. The students there ride their bicycles or scooters to school, play games with their friends after lessons. In Singapore, although we have the standards that many others would ask for, we are not easily contented. I learnt that happiness can be very pure and simple. We do not need the latest gadgets and trendiest items to be happy. It is a mindset and a choice to be happy. This overseas trip did kick-start my interest in doing community services locally, to want to make a positive difference in others’ lives’. I hope be more involved in CIP work in the coming years.”

Chan Hui Min
Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Year 2 Student