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Further Studies

With this SP diploma, you may be granted credit exemptions for some degree programmes. Refer to the Advanced Standing Database for more information.

You can apply for related degree programmes at local or overseas universities such as the Degree in Applied Science - Food Science and Technology at the National University of Singapore; the Degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Honours) with concentration in Food Science & Technology at the Nanyang Technological University.

You can also apply for admission to the Bachelor in Food Technology (Honours) programme or the Bachelor in Food & Human Nutrition (Honours) programme offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology.


Peggy Yeo Kar Lai

Food Science & Technology Course Medallist 2015
Currently, reading Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.


"Under the guidance of caring and knowledgeable lecturers, the journey through DFST was very fruitful and exciting for me. I found the modules to be relevant and interesting. They were taught well and the practical sessions to explore many aspects of food were really engaging! This course equipped me with valuable knowledge and soft skills that are necessary for my future endeavours. Overall, I am glad to have chosen the Diploma in Food Science and Technology as the knowledge about food is now part of my life!""