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Food Science students fighting hunger

The Food Science Students Fighting Hunger IUFoST Product Development Competition encourages undergraduate students from all over the world to apply their knowledge and skills to develop innovative food products to fight hunger. This illustrates the role of food science and technology in securing the world’s food supply and eliminating world hunger. This year, the competition was held in Dublin, Ireland from 22 August 2016.

Two projects from the Singapore Polytechnic were entered into this competition and both made it into the grand finals. Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) Year 3 students, Ng Zheng Kai Dylan and Leong Jia Wen Sandra represented one of the teams that managed to win the Best Technical and Scientific Content Award. The winning product “Okarang”, is a shelf stable Snacker meal that comprises okara (soy pulp) in rendang gravy. Ingredients such as okara and watermelon rind (food manufacturing by-products that are thrown away) were incorporated as functional ingredients to make this product nutritious, high in protein, high in fibre and low in sodium. Thus this product doesn’t just fight hunger but also helps to reduce food wastes!

Winners of the Best Technical and Scientific Content Award: (from left) Leong Jia Wen Sandra and Ng Zheng Kai Dylan

(From left) Ng Zheng Kai Dylan, Leong Jia Wen Sandra, Liang Ya Quan and Gernice Lee Xin Ping

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