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SP Masterchef 03

The theme of the third season of SP Masterchef was based on Mother’s Day. Hence four pairs of mother and child finalists were invited to show off their cooking skills. Each pair had to create and finish plating their 3-course meal – starter, entrée and dessert – in 90 minutes, with each course using food products made by students from SP's Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) and the Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC). All four teams utilised the SP food products in their creations with amazing creativity.

Through this event, I had a chance to mingle with my lecturer, Mr Matthew Koh and Ms Bong Qiu Qui, a well-known blogger as one of the judges. This year’s SP Masterchef was a SPicy affair, with dishes from North India, Thailand and Malaysia. One Thai dish was a Kaya Pumpkin Pie based on “Sankaya Phak Tong”. The steamed pumpkin gave a soft initial bite followed by the smooth kaya mouthfeel. This dessert rounded up their 3 course meal very well. This year’s presentation of the food was exceptional and showcased a mother’s experience and their child’s fresh perspective. Ian’s entrée was a classic Malaysian dish – kuih pie tee - with a professional presentation that wowed everyone. Their dessert was a passionfruit konnyaku jelly that was laced with SP’s Pokka Lemonsi and Nuhoney products, yielding a match made in heaven.

The laughter during the competition showed me how cooking and food can help connect people from different backgrounds. The awesome participants cooked amazing foods that topped the past two seasons, to show me flavours which I had not experienced before. I can’t wait for the next season of SP Masterchef!

Written by
Matthew Yap
SP Masterchef 03 student judge
DFST Current Year 2 student