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Cold chain management of raw fish

Evening news on 15 December 2015 - Channel 8 News, 15 Dec 2015 News broadcast at 10pm featured SP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences senior lecturer Ting Heng Luan from the Diploma in Food Science and Technology (DFST), who explained how established restaurants uses efficient cold chain management and relevant food safety practices to ensure the quality and safety of their raw fish. He also shared preventive measures that consumers can take to ensure the safe consumption of raw fish. The news segment about cold chain management of raw fish starts from 6:14 while the segment featuring Mr Ting starts from 6:56. Similar story was broadcasted at Hello Singapore on Channel 8 and evening news on Channel U.

Link to video: http://www.channel8news.sg/news8/ca/newsbulletin/episodes/20151215-news-tonight/2349846.html