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Eight groups of Food Science & Technology (DFST) students participated in the Food Innovation Product Award 2016 competition organised by the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association on 18 November 2016. Five prizes were up for grabs and grabbed they did! Three prizes were won by two of our groups! The winners? Mr Popiah Pte Ltd which garnered the Grand Winner prize as well as the Most Innovative Award for their Ready-to-Eat Popiah! Congratulations to Chua Xin Yi, Nuha Binte Iesa, Pang Kai Qi, Jason Loh Yi Xiang and Dr Oni Yuliarti!

(From left) Chua Xin Yi, Dr Oni Yuliarti with Ms Li Li Hong and Mr Lewis Tan Zhong Ming from Mr Popiah Pte Ltd

Ready-to-Eat Popiah garnered the Grand Winner prize and the Most Innovative Award.

Not to be outdone, Tan Seng Kee’s Kang Kang Herbal Noodle Kit picked up the Best Marketing Potential Prize! Well done, Magdalene Tan Qiao Hui, Tan Wei Ting Elise, Jamie Tay Boon Jun and Ms Choo Yang Sim!

We commend students and staff for their participation in this competition.  Tune in for more innovative food products from DFST students!

Kang Kang Herbal Noodle Kit won the Best Marketing Potential Prize.

Another group of DFST students getting their creation ready for the competition.