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SENSE and FEEL Programmes

With the successful implementation of the pilot run of the enhanced internships, nine Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (DPCS) Year 3 students shared their real work experiences with their juniors on 3 March 2016. The objective is to provide them better insights into the two internship structures under the SENSE and FEEL programmes so that they can make informed choices. The seniors not only shared the joys of honing meaningful industry-specific skills but also reflected on the challenges of juggling between work and school assignments. Such experiences would help the juniors gain a realistic perspective of the job demands and performance expectations of the industry while bringing them closer together as a community.

Chow Jia Ying found true meaning in her year-long attachment with Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s Oral Care department. Apart from learning about what goes into flavours formulation and how crucial flavours can alter our preferences for different oral care products, she was also able to apply what she acquired in SP on evaluation techniques for application in the flavouring of toothpaste. The attachment allowed her to see relevancy of the course curriculum to the real-life projects.

“The SENSE internship allowed me to look into the industry from a much deeper perspectives.”

Boo Shi Min Felicia
Interned at Croda Singapore Pte Ltd

“Be it SENSE or FEEL, good time management is an important soft skill that is desired by the industry.”

Vanessa Lee
Overseas internship attachment at Incheon National University, South Korea