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First step towards entrepreneurship

We had our first experience on entrepreneurship training in Jul-Aug 2014. It was an interesting yet intensive programme that is supported by SPRING Singapore. The bootcamp is designed with the intention to inculcate the spirit of entreprise as we embarked on our design-thinking project centering around fragrance creations. We were required to present a start-up business plan that was built upon the innovation we had developed. The panel of judges, comprising of industry partners and lecturers, was particularly impressed with our business proposal and prototype. We were extremely delighted to have emerged as the winner in terms of novelty and commercial viability of our business strategy. Overall, it was a mind-opening experience which uncovered our team’s potential. 

Our winning business proposal was conceived to enrich the hectic lifestyle of modern city dwellers. The innovation was a multifunctional electronic device comprising of a smartphone charger, speaker and fragrance diffuser. It was designed to reap therapeutic benefits from the use of fragrance and music for enhancing quality of life and convenience. 

We had not only stretched beyond our imagination but also overcome the anxiety and challenges encountered in a less familiar ground. The learnings on market research, profiling and analysis of consumer needs made us realise how these important attributes helps to provide a holistic approach to commercialising technology-based innovations.

The winning team: (from left) Peh Jie Xuan, Lee Jinn-Kye, Gabrielle Lim Jia Xuan and Low Jia Hui

The prototype is a 3-in-1 multifunctional and portable device, consisting of a charger, speaker and fragrance diffuser.

Lee Jinn-Kye, Low Jia Hui, Peh Jie Xuan and Gabrielle Lim Jia Xuan
Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
Current Third Year students