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Applied learning in Shanghai, China

We were privileged to be posted to Lubrizol’s Shanghai Personal and Home Care Laboratory for our internships. Initially, we were filled with anxiety about the uncertainty of the real working world as we embarked onto our maiden journey to Shanghai, China. However, we soon realised that our fears were unfounded as we gained more insights into the industry. In fact, we were grateful for the valuable experiences acquired in the process.

Under the warm hospitality of the Lubrizol staff, we were exposed to a holistic view of the personal care industry, commencing from understanding the properties of the specialty ingredients, designing a good formulation for the intended applications to evaluating the end-product for user’s sensory feel as well as testing the physical properties of the formulations with the help of equipment and instruments. We began to appreciate the relevancy of the laboratory skills we had acquired at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) which we were able to transfer to the industry and further developed deeper technical knowledge and skills in the formulation and evaluation work.

The exposure in this fast-paced environment had been a good training ground for us. We have become more responsible, confident, independent and worldly-wise from this industrial internship. We left Shanghai with fond memories, inclusive of the colourful culture and social activities Shanghai has offered us.

Mandy Ng Yi Qin and Lai Foong
Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
Current Third year students