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First-hand experience of Singapore’s public healthcare system

Four Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science students participated in the recent Healthcare Immersion Programme (HIP) 2015 on 8 and 9 June 2015.

HIP is a 2D1N camp organised for students who want to acquire a better overview of Singapore’s public healthcare system. During the camp, the students gained first-hand knowledge about nursing and the different Allied Health Professions that they could aspire to pursue. They also engaged in discussion on issues and challenges facing the public healthcare system in Singapore and dialogue with Healthcare Scholars and representatives from the MOH Holdings. They had the opportunity to check out the Healthcare professionals in actions via an interesting and informative hospital tour.

(From left) Muhammad Hafizudin Bin Zainal, Nelson Rian Wei-Jian,Clement Chew Jia Wei and Peng Jun Jie

"The experience was enriching and enjoyable at the same time. We gained a better insight on the challenging issues that the Singapore’s healthcare system is facing, and also had the opportunity to interact with many healthcare scholars pursuing different disciplines. I felt great to be given the chance to discuss healthcare topics with like-minded peers from many other institutions."

Peng Jun Jie
Current Year 3 student

"HIP had been very engaging and interesting from the start. The programme gave me the opportunity to learn more about our healthcare system and the networking session with various healthcare professionals gave me a better understanding of their jobs. The hospital tour has motivated me to want to serve people as a healthcare professional. "

Muhammad Hafizudin Bin Zainal
Current Year 3 student