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17 – 20 Mar 2015 has been a new and enriching experience for 66 CLS first year student leaders in the annual LEAP (Foundation) Camp 2015. In addition, for the first time, four outstanding student leaders from the LEAP (Foundation) Camp 2014 returned to the camp in 2015 to participate in more advanced roles as student co-facilitators. They are:

Their return to the camp as student co-facilitators allows them to further develop their leadership skills at a new yet higher level from a different paradigm as compared to year 2014 when they first joined the camp as student participants.

The four student co-facilitators had undergone an internal selection and training by the lecturers and camp facilitators before stepping up to co-lead their respective assigned teams during the actual CLS LEAP (Foundation) Camp 2015. They went through the entire process of seeing their assigned team form, grow and bond. Through this process, they have also grown to become even better leaders by practising the “7 Habits of Effective Teens”. Most importantly, they contributed meaningfully back to CLS and SP by helping to develop and shape the ‘new generation’ of CLS leaders.

From left: Soon Yi, Serene, Jia Chi and Pheng Siong with the 'LEAP'

Student Co-facilitator Tan Jia Chi in ‘action’ during the camp’s water activity

"My end in mind was to see myself grow and my team grow. I had many take-aways like facing my emotions, facing my fears and finding what I really want to contribute in this camp."

Ng Soon Yi

LEAP Foundation is truly enriching for me and it is very different from other camps that I’ve attended. For peers who are deciding to join LEAP Foundation, by believing in yourself and being truthful and committed throughout the camp would benefit you more than before.

Serene Heng

I was excited when I saw my team actually changed and learnt from the camp.

Tan Jia Chi

The facilitators have made me realise how much my actions and words can influence and benefit my juniors. It really made me face my fears of opening up to people.

Chng Pheng Siong