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SP Chemical Engineering alumni clinched Silver Award at CDIO Academy 2015

The CDIO Academy is organised annually at the International CDIO Conference for engineering students who adopted CDIO framework in their respective institution. In addition, it allows engineering students to showcase their design-implement projects, meet their peers from engineering programs around the world, and participate in workshops and plenary sessions presented by prominent leaders in engineering education. Click here for more details.

Under the supervision of their supervisors, three Chemical Engineering alumnus (Class 2015), Joshua Lim Jian Han, Xu Miaoqi and Yunya, formed a team and presented a project entitled ‘Feasibility of Converting Solid Wastes into Usable and Valuable Products in Developing Countries" for the competition with their poster and prototype. They successfully converted solid waste (plastic waste, biomass, etc.) into value- added product, i.e. paving brick from plastic waste, coffee grounds and gravels and solid fuel briquette from coffee grounds, paper and water hyacinth. The team won silver award in the competition!

SP Chemical Engineering team: (from left) Yunya, Joshua Lim Jian Han and Xu Miaoqi

“We are fortunate to be chosen to represent Chemical Engineering (DCHE) to participate in the international competition held in Chengdu, China. It was a great experience to be able to interact and work with students from different countries. Most of the competitors are from the Universities and thus, it was challenging for us to ensure that our project stood out when we presented to the judges. We have encountered many problems while trying to develop a usable and valuable products using the available waste materials and to the point that we found the project not feasible. However, we are so glad that our perseverance and hard work paid off. Last but not least, we are thankful for all lecturers who have given us advices and feedbacks that allow us to overcome our problems and improve on our project.’’

Yunya, Joshua Lim Jian Han and Xu Miaoqi
Chemical Engineering Graduates 2015