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Engineers without Borders

On 16 August 2014, the Minister of State for National Development, Desmond Lee, officiated the launch of Engineers without Borders Asia (EWB-Asia). EWB-Asia is a non-profit organisation which aims to help the less fortunate communities through the usage of sustainable engineering solutions. SP Chemical Engineering students took part in the project exhibition and helped out in the event logistics.

"It was a great opportunity to be able to represent the school in presenting our project and our senior's project. It allows me to know that there are actually such problems faced by the third world countries and I am grateful that such projects are done to help those villagers who had those problems. I feel that this is a really good event as it showcased how many people in the developed countries are willing to help the third world country and how their projects would be beneficial to the villagers. I would strongly encourage the school to get students to present in the exhibition next year as I believe that it would be beneficial to the students. The students would be able to build up their communication skills as well as apply the knowledge they learnt in school into presenting the projects."

Kok Pei Shan
Year 3 Student

"I would like to thank EWB Asia for doing such a great job in making it a better world. I learned that besides conventional production processes, engineering principles can be applied to benefits the less fortunate people around us. This experience broadened my horizon as a lot of talk were being held that day and many of the speakers are the expert of their field. They were so enthusiastic when they were telling us about their ideas and thoughts. The exhibitors also inspired me to become one of them in the future through their project or prototypes. I had an ambitions in my heart since I was young, I told myself that I want to do something which can make the world a better place. Love make the world go round. Life is more pleasant when people treat each other lovingly. I wish that I can get involved in this kind of meaningful event again."

Ong Hang Meng
Year 1 Student