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2017 2016

He's got IT made

The New Paper, 19 Jul 2017 - Advertorial by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) featured SP’s Diploma in Information Technology alumnus Chang Xiao Ran, who is now a partner technology manager at Google Asia Pacific. Despite being eligible for a local university, he signed up for a part-time degree in information technology in the SIM Global Education (GE) programme as he wanted to work while studying for his degree. The degree is developed and awarded by the University of Wollongong and taught locally in SIM. He was able to get credit exemptions that took a year off the three-year degree programme. Xiao Ran shared that his diploma built a strong foundation, which helped him secure employment easily. He added that the innovative aspects he learnt in school helped him contribute fresh ideas at the workplace and emphasized the importance of being passionate about one's area of study.