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Year 3 DASE team was 1st runner up at 12th Robocup Iran UAV Open 2017

Heartiest congratulations to Team SP Aero!

Team SP Aero clinched the 1st Runner-up (outdoor) award at the recent 12th Robocup Iran UAV Open 2017 competition held from 5-7 April 2017 in Iran.
The team comprising DASE year 3 students and graduates was the only foreign team competing against 17 other qualified teams from universities in Iran.

DASE Year 3 Students DASE Graduates
Brenda Ng Xin En Tan Tian Fu
Hee Jing Shen Jonathan Fong Jia Tong
Cheryl Ang Hui Min Wong Kang Zhong Isaac

The theme of the competition was ‘search and rescue’ on an off-shore oil rig. The competition simulated an accident which happened in the rig, causing fire to the platform and resulting in people falling into the water.   Representing the search and rescue team deployed to the accident site, the team used 2 UAVs to autonomously complete the following required missions:

1. Take off.
2. Do a fast mapping of the accident area to evaluate the whole situation and then find
    designated targets, such as the location of the people in the water.
3. Deliver lifebuoy to the person’s vicinity.
4. Sample water around the oil rig and then release the water into a specified water container.
5. Landing on the same or specified landmark.


The student teams from SP Diploma of Aerospace Electronics (DASE) did very well at the Singapore Amazing Flying Machines Competition (SAFMC) held from 13 to 17 Mar 2017 by the DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore. In the Fully Autonomous Category, the Flying Machine had to fly through rooms in search of targets autonomously, while in the Open Category, the team had to design a mothership drone capable of deploying and recovering a surrogate drone.

Congratulations to the following students and staff on winning the awards:

Category Team Students Course Team Manager Award
Fully Autonomous SP Aero A1 Jonathan Fong DASE Danny Lee

Championship Award – 2nd Place

Best Platform Award – 2nd Place
Raymond Ho DASE
Tan Tian Fu DASE
Brenda Ng DASE
Ajay Pillay DEEE
Fully Autonomous SP Aero A2 Bonn Lin DASE Danny Lee

Championship Award – 3rd Place

Best Platform Award – 3rd Place
Saimen Imanuel DASE
Cheryl Ang DASE
Hee Jing Shen DASE
Mun Kar Kin DEEE
Open Interracial 720 Dinesh Kannan DASE Tan Hwee Siang Championship Award – 2nd Place Sales Contract Award – 3rd Place
Muhammad Zulkarnain Hafiz DASE
Jonathan Chew DASE

Big Wins for SP Students in Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 16 -19 March 2016

4 teams of SP students from Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE), Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE), Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) and Diploma in Clean Energy (DCEG) won top awards at Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2016. SAFMC is an exciting and unique event organised by DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore, and supported by Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) from 16th – 19th March 2016. Team SP Aero 2A and SP Aero 1A won the SAFMC Category D2 (Fully Autonomous) Championship Award 1st and 3rd prize respectively. Their flying machines have to infiltrate the facility through a square exhaust vent to place a target marker for the air strike group and then capture vital information and deciphering it. Two other teams, Project Kingfisher and Ascension participated in SAFMC Category E (Unconventional) and won the Championship 2nd and 3rd Prize respectively. They built an unconventional flying machine which could submerge into the water and then take-off into the air to complete a few tasks.

Team Names Category Award Students Involved
SP Aero 2A D2 - Fully Autonomous 1. Championship Award,
    1st Place
2. Best Platform Award,
    2nd Place
3. Best Video Award,
    2nd Place
4. $7000 cash prize
5. iPad Mini 4 Wifi 16GB
Chen Yan
Qian Jied
Ylan Ting Xian Yuan
Lim Li Lincoln
Dong Zhijun
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Singapore Institute of Technology (UOG)
SP Aero 1A D2 - Fully Autonomous 1. Championship Award,
    3rd Place
2. $1500 cash prize
Lai Qi Xiong
Bickram Roy
Teo Samuel
K Sangeetha
Eugene Sin Jin Hu
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Singapore Institute of Technology (UOG)
Ascension E - Unconventional 1. Championship Award,
    3rd Place
2. $500 cash prize
Shamus Swee Junhui
Tey Jun Hong Bryan
Zhu Yan Biao
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Project Kingfisher E - Unconventional 1. Championship Award,
    2nd Place
2. Best Infiltration Award,
    1st Place
3. Best Presentation Award,
    3rd Place
4. $1000 cash prize
Lim Kuan Han Bryan
Lim Ian An
Jonas Hii
Ray Tan
Diploma in Clean Energy
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering





DASE Students Use their Engineering Skills to Develop an Unmanned Quadcopter for MRT Tunnel Inspection in LTA Engineering Challenge 31 Mar – 21 Oct 2016

Team SP Aero comprises of six Year 3 Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) students won the LTA Engineering Challenge Commendation Award. The team submitted their proposal “Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Capable for MRT Tunnel Inspection to Identify Potential Defects” to take part in the inaugural LTA Engineering Challenge. In this competition, a quadcopter is built which is capable of flying in the MRT tunnel, with bright illumination lighting and 360 degree camera system. The recorded camera images can be processed for visualization and interactive inspection using Virtual Reality Goggle. This project is also exhibited at LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) from 19th – 21st October 2016.

Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) Student bags Singapore Young Sticker Artist Competition

Brenda Ng from DASE recently won the “LINE: Search For Singapore’s Next Young Sticker Artist” competition, for designing a set of stickers tilted “Little Yellow” which was reported to be the most downloaded set on the chat mobile application. She shared that she took about a month to design the stickers, as well as to produce 16 designs while juggling her schoolwork where she aspires to become a future aerospace engineer. Being a huge anime fan, Brenda attended art lessons at a tender age of 5, starting out with acrylic paints before dabbling into digital art after receiving her first tablet at age 13. In winning this competition, Brenda took home $3,000 in cash value of FEVO Prepaid MasterCard cards, in addition to the accolades received through her participation in eight art and design competitions.

Article link:        Engineering student put her designs on the Line - The New Paper, 6 Mar 2017

DASE Alumnus among Top Students in NTU’s 2016 Graduating Class

Diploma in Aerospace Electronics alumnus, Ahmad Ibrahim Mohammad Taha, who graduated from SP in 2009, has been conferred a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Engineering from NTU.

Ahmad’s passion in computer and computer software was nurtured during his student days in SP. After graduating from SP, he joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) after his attempt to enter the University was unsuccessful. In his second year in SPF, he successfully gained admission to the University. He felt that his earlier decision to work in SPF was a good move as it enabled him to save up enough money to pursue his degree. However, going back to being a student had not been easy. Ahmad said, “It was not easy to change the mindset from work to study after working for 2 years. However. I had to stay focused on my study.” Ahmad is currently working in DBS Bank in the area of IT technology and software.

Source: Berita Harian © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction

She’s A Nice Engineering Girl

Nice Celine Morales is a Nice Engineering Girl who sees engineering as an important way to help and serve others.

When Nice Celine Morales said that she would be choosing engineering, she got looks of surprise, doubt and even shock from family and friends. Through it all, Celine remained nice, because that’s just who she is.

But despite friendly or nasty advice from people around her, Celine remained adamant on her engineering choice after her ‘O’ levels. During secondary four, Celine debated the matter with her dad. “It was actually my dad who first got me interested in engineering,” she shares, “because he’s a civil engineer and I felt the things he did were very interesting and different from the norm. But he felt that I wouldn’t be able to do well as he thought girls ‘weren’t suited to engineering’.”

She knew her dad only had her interests at heart and was anxious for her to excel. “But it also made me kind of mad that he thought that way, haha,” she says. “It just made me want to prove him wrong.”

Celine, who describes herself as straightforward, kept going back to him about the issue. “We talked about it a lot (and even argued, sometimes!),” she reveals. “But I’m glad we did. I realise in the end it helped me to really focus on finding out exactly what I wanted to do, as well as gain his support.”

Now a first-year Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) student, Celine is doing well in SP, having so far scored an impressive GPA of 3.73 out of 4.00. Her conversations with her father have since changed. She rants about troubles or challenges she faces in class, and he encourages her and tutors her in maths every once in a while, convinced now that she is able to handle the field.

Her DASE course teaches her about the electronics inside an airplane, such as instruments and controls in a plane’s cockpit. Just as a simple aircraft actually hides many complex electronic components, appearances are deceiving too in the case of Celine, who is excelling in her classes despite how some friends think she seems too “soft” for what is, in their mind, a “tough person’s” or “guy’s” course. “I’ve realised I’m more of a hands-on learner who enjoys working on actual projects, as opposed to imagining them in theory,” she explains. “For example, working on a complete circuit to make a small airplane move during class allows me to visualise the types of principles that I’ve learned. The hands-on experiences, which we get a lot, have helped me better understand how things actually work.”

What’s your favourite part about SP life?
That there are many opportunities to de-stress from studies and get to know new people in CCAs. I get to meet friends through SP Red Cross and ACERS, a student ambassador group that reaches out to secondary school students.

If you could change one thing about SP, what would it be?
The lunch hours. We have so many food courts and fast food outlets like McDonald’s, Subway and KFC, but the queues seem endless because everyone’s lunch breaks are around the same time.

If you could have the budget to invent anything, what would you create?
A food-making machine. I love food so much! You wouldn’t have to go out of your house to get whatever you want. It would just be there, haha… Sorry I just love food =)

Do you have a favourite quote or motto?
Always be kind, even if it’s just for a few seconds when you’re interacting with someone.

When asked what she would say to girls who may be interested in engineering but need reassurance, Celine replies: “Nobody in my secondary school actually thought I would do engineering. They all thought I looked like someone who would study business or events. But I think that if you’re really interested in a course, don’t be scared and just chase after your own goals! Sometimes I meet my old secondary school teachers who hear what I’m doing and they still ask, ‘Are you sure?’ I simply reply, ‘Yes, I’m sure’ and smile. Haha.”

As for the fact that her course is stereotypically seen as “male-dominated (her class has 16 guys and three girls), she says: “There are both good and bad points about having so many guys. On one hand, I know how to get along with them because I have brothers at home. On the other hand, there are some guys who like to hang out amongst themselves and just do ‘guy things’, so it gets cliquish at times. But I guess having some cliques is normal wherever you go.”

More important to Celine than any boy-girl ratio is her future goal: “I hope to become a senior aircraft engineer. The job comes with opportunities to travel to different countries for training and work! It’s also an important job because the lives of everyone on board an aircraft actually depend on you. If you have the passion for the field, it’s a great service you can provide to others through what you do.”

Celine is Nice, no doubt, but there’s definitely more to her than a sweet smile and pleasant demeanour. Keep an eye out for this young engineering hopeful in the years ahead!

Quadcopter makers

Our DASE students battle it out with university students at an aerial vehicle competition organised by the Royal Thai Air Force, and won a third prize and 100,000 baht!

Congratulations to Cheng Huimin, Lu Jiale, Sylvester Wang and Muhd Taufik Bin Johari from the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) for nabbing the third prize and 100,000 baht at the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge 2014 in Bangkok!

From left: Huimin, lecturer Mr Danny Lee, Jiale and Taufik. Teammate Sylvester not in photo.

A total of 17 teams from Singapore, Korea and Thailand participated in this event organised by the Royal Thai Air Force. The DASE team, Team SP Aero, was not only the sole polytechnic group among the teams, which were from universities; it was also the only foreign team to win an award. Their entry was a fully autonomous quadcopter that they built to fly at 60m height, orbit around a 100m radius at about 80km/hr, take six aerial images at given GPS waypoints and drop a 50g payload at a designated spot accurately. Well done!

A short video summary of the Competition, produced by our EEE DASE student Cheng Hui Min

Primed for Flight

At SP, building complex, large-scale aeronautical technology isn’t out of the question. Our students have built a $500,000 full-motion flight simulator which can simulate an F16 fighter jet, a Boeing 737 plane and more. They’ve also built two portable basic flight simulators for the RSAF.

Ten Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) and three Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) fresh graduates spent eight months during their final year developing two portable basic flight simulators for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) under the guidance of their lecturers. These simulators were a big hit with visitors when they were publicly showcased at four venues across the island during the RSAF45@Heartlands roadshows held in Toa Payoh, Sengkang, Jurong East and Yishun. Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen viewed the simulator at Toa Payoh Hub and chatted with some members of the student team. The visitors, young and old, were captivated by the realism of the simulations of fighter jets taking off and landing. The simulator allowed them to experience flying a jet for themselves so that they could develop a better understanding of RSAF’s operations.

As part of the developmental process, the team had the opportunity to visit Tengah Air Base and sit in a real military aircraft to study its array of avionics systems, instrument panels and flight systems. The unique experience allowed them to enhance the overall look and feel of the simulator.  The project has allowed the graduates the opportunity to learn about mechanical and aircraft structure design, advanced electrical systems, software development and multi-disciplinary teamwork, all of which they will need when pursuing careers in the aerospace industry.

DARE graduate Zachary Adam Proft shares his thoughts on the simulator’s exhibition: “It was a very tough project for us as we had to sacrifice entire spans of holidays to make this happen. However, the thought of our project being of such importance that it would eventually be showcased to the public kept all of us going. Looking back, we’re all extremely proud of what we’ve achieved.”

Team SP let the kids at Toa Payoh Hub experience being a pilot for a day.

More reading: A Straits Times news article on SP’s $500,000 full-motion flight simulator.

The Flying Wonders

Students from three different engineering diplomas worked together to take home top prizes and $3,000 cash in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition.

It was another amazing year and déjà vu of sorts. SP students from the Diplomas in Aerospace Electronics (DASE), Aeronautical Engineering (DARE), and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) - Bonnibelle Hoo, Damian Cheng, Jonas Hii, Liew Rong Wei and Yap Feng Wei – once again clinched the Category E Overall Champion title in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2013 (SAFMC). This category was open to the public and called for the design of a flying machine using unconventional air platforms that could fly within a confined outdoor area. Calling themselves Bonnibelle and Friends, each team member took home an iPad each and a total cash prize of $3,000.

The SAFMC, organised by DSO National Laboratories, is the largest flying machine competition in Singapore and is known as the nationwide hunt for a flying wonder! It challenges anyone who dares to dream and design a flying machine like no other. Fun activities and dedicated clinic sessions gave participants a boost in creativity and problem solving while developing their flying machines.

Bonnibelle and Friends were not the only winners from SP. Our engineering students made a great showing at the competition overall. Four other teams won awards:

Team SPAVC (3rd place for Performance and Best Video in Category E): Chua Yong Chun, Mohd Azman Bin Ahmad Said and Ryan Tan from DARE, and Lau Shing Hin from DASE.

Team Starobot (Silver for Best Presentation in Category D2): Gerald Heng, Choi Lai Hin, Yi Hong, Ker Kay Chin and Seow Chen Jiat Denis from DASE.

Team iFly (Gold for Theory of Flight in Category D): Pyae Phyo Tun, Loh Jin and Chew Shu Jun from DEEE.

Team UAViator (Silver for Most Creativity and Best Video in Category E): Stevano, Chan Kai Wen, Ang Chu Yi Beverley, Pheh Ying Hong (alumnus) and Lim Wei Rong from DASE.

Creators of the amazing flying machine (from left): Damian Cheng, Jonas Hii, Yap Feng Wei and Bonnibelle Hoo. Absent in picture: Liew Rong Wei.

(From left):  Team Starobot members Gerald Heng, Yi Hong, Choi Lai Hin and Denis Seow, together with Team iFly members Chew Shu Jun, Pyae Phyo Tun and Loh Jin.  Starobot member Ker Kay Chin is not in the picture.