How We Function

We start by identifying elderly needs and opportunities, drafting a technology roadmap, and developing these solutions. Many times, we co-innovate with our partners and students and rely on partners to testbed solutions or adopt them. This is a closed-loop process that will accumulate our experiences and capabilities year-on-year to improve our competencies. Depending on the project, SP Care's competencies groups may be involved in each of these stages.

The Framework

Landscape Analysis and Technology Roadmapping

Firstly, we work towards gaining a better understanding of user needs and opportunities through landscape analysis and industry sensing. We will leverage insights from Inno4, as well as our industry network, to better identify and understand needs and opportunity areas. Based on such insights, the next step would be to chart out a roadmap for technology development. Each competency area would identify relevant focus areas based on capabilities within SP. The SP Care Management Committee has done the landscape analysis during 2014, and has planned a technology roadmap for the period of 2015 to 2018.

Technology Development

With the roadmap in place, the team will then work to develop solutions and test-bed them. Working with our network of partners which includes hospitals, welfare organisations and the industry, we will co-develop solutions that meet their needs. These industry-relevant projects will involve both staff and students. We will also actively test-bed the prototypes to get feedback. Through such co-innovation, we aim to create innovations for the silver age healthcare.

For Technology adoption and upscaling, SP Care will work with our partners to license our innovations, volume produce them and provide the necessary follow-up support and maintenance. Through creating such commercialisable solutions with sustainable business models, this will help us realise our aim to innovate solutions that benefit many.

Healthcare Competencies

Competency Group Core Functions Capabilities
Empathy & Deep Understanding of Elderly Needs through
  • Interviews, Photo Journals, Observations
  • Role Playing, Job Shadowing
  • Industry Sensing
Developing Ideas for
  • Fostering Community
  • Empowered Self-Care
  • Caregivers
  • Innovative Long Term Care Spaces
  • Machine design for physical therapy
  • Healthcare analytics to provide objective assessment of therapy outcome
  • Interactive media and game design and development to enhance motivation during therapy
Developing Solutions for

Home-based rehab

Bedside mobile rehab
  • Self Monitoring Devices
  • Devices for Monitoring and early warning
  • Devices for elderly assistance and care
Developing Devices for

Real-time monitoring

Vitals-sensing smart-watch

Healthcare robots
  • Analyse molecular biomarkers from various diseases
  • Detect the target quickly using emerging technologies
  • Monitoring disease during the course of treatment
Developing Diagnostics for

Infectious Diseases

Neuronal Diseases

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Comprehensive eye examination
  • Clinical imaging for early eye diseases
  • Measure visual functions
  • Vision screening
Developing Tests and Devices for

Early detection of visual impairment

Monitoring of eye health and eye nutrition
  • Gathering consumer insights through Design Thinking Approach
  • Concept realisation through Product Development
  • Minimal Processing through Innovation
  • Eat with ease through Accessible Packaging, Nutritive Diet and Meal Plans
Developing Food for

Mobility Health

Visual Health

Stress /Sleep Management

Cardiovascular System Health

Brain/Nervous System Health