Past Projects

SP Care has completed many projects which have improved the quality of life for the elderly. These are some of our past projects.

  • Soft Bread with Coffee Aroma
    There are not many easy-to-prepare snacks available in the market for those elderly who find it difficult to swallow food. This high-protein snack would just be for them. It has a soft texture to aid swallowing and can be easily scooped up in small pieces with the spoon and eaten. The bread is also infused with the taste of coffee. This would bring back memories of the days when people used to have their bread soaked in coffee.

  • Interactive Therapeutic Pet
    "Many studies suggest that interacting witih pets has many benefits for residents of nursing homes" - Josephine Gittler, professor UI college. However, pets are prohibited in nursing homes due to allergies and the physical harm it may bring. RICO (Rehabilitative Interactive Companion) comes into the picture as it's a companion which is designed to assist the elderly by resembling a familiar animal and allowing multimodal interaction. The focus is on improving skills in psychological, physiological and social along with cognitive training. It's supported by Tote Board Social Innovation Research Fund 2015.

  • Intellisense Bed
    An intelligent bed to reduce the occurence of pressure ulcers and increase pulmonary ventilation through lateral movement - supported by Tote Board Social Innovation Research Fund 2013.
    • Monitor residents' movement over the bed and triggers alert
    • Monitor and control skin surface temperature to reduce skin humidity level
    • Automated lateral Positioning System will reduce frequent turning of patients
    • Reduction in patient care workload and bed Occupancy rate
    • Bed Exit alarm system to prevent fall