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Marine engineers and visual effect students reached their dreams

Berita Harian, 13 May 2014 - Two SP students were featured in the article, where they shared about their struggles and experiences before deciding on a course they were passionate in. For Diploma in Marine Engineering graduate Siti Roliah Ridhuan, she was originally enrolled in the Diploma in Architecture, but quitted when she was in year one. After taking a one year sabbatical, she decided to pursue Marine Engineering after her brother recommended her the course. Despite being the one of the three females in the course, she still managed to get a GPA of 3.94. For Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics graduate Iyaad Salleh, he also went through uncertainty about his choice to pursue Mechanical Engineering in ITE, and decided to change his track after he found his passion in Japanese Anime. Iyaad also graduates as the course medallist for his diploma.