Project Gallery

See below for the innovations and creation of some Year 1 and Year 2 Projects done by students from the Diploma in Engineering Systems (DES).

Year 1 DES project showcase - Engineering Design & Prototyping

Engineering Design & Prototyping is a year one project module in which DES students learn to integrate simple mechanisms into a functional system.

In this project, students work in groups to create a Rube Goldberg machine, a series of devices that perform simple tasks which are linked together to produce a domino effect. With the guidance provided by the staff facilitators, each student group is required to produce different working subsystems.

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Year 1 DES project showcase - Engineering Design & Prototyping
Hand-in-Hand” sub-system

A gear train with scoop extensions is accurately and precisely placed and assembled in order for the marble to travel from one end to another.

Archimedes ’ screw sub-system

It uses a rotatory motion and transformed it into a linear motion.

Year 2 DES project showcase – Engineering Innovation Studio & Engineering System Design

In Engineering Innovation Studio & Engineering System Design modules, year 2 DES students are working in teams to design and integrate a system which consists of both mechanical and electrical/electronic components based on a given theme. They gain first-hand experience in designing and ensuring these components are able to work in tandem. The chosen project theme entails all the groups to work collectively and harmoniously for the completion. Through this project, student not only develop technical skills but also teamwork, communication, project management and time management.

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Year 2 DES project showcase – Engineering Innovation Studio & Engineering System Design
Nowadays, children do not spend much time outdoors and playgrounds. They are mostly inactive and spend plenty of time with computer games. The objective of this theme is to redesign the playgrounds for children and parents considering the needs of this generation and available technology. Each student group is required to design an innovative ride for such playground.
“Cyclic See-Saw”

Parent can play and spend time with the child and at the same time getting a good workout in cycling.

“Altelena” – a child version of the theme park drop tower ride

This project used a microcontroller and integrated various sensors and actuators to enable the platform switch directions when it has reached to one end.

“3D virtual playground”

This project used a high end animation software “Maya” to create the actual scene of the playground in a cool and interesting 3D view where one can see how the rides work in a simulated environment and how the envisioned playground will operate.

Theme: Kinetic Orchestra
This is another project where DES students put system engineering skills into practice. The objective of this theme is to create innovative machines that can play musical notes. When put together, these machines work as an orchestra and produce a harmonious tune. Student teams work together, communicate and plan how to synchronize these machines so that kinetic orchestra system works correctly.
Sound machine – “inetique alumine”

It is inspired by combining xylophone and piano, arcade game striker and a diver board. The machine is programmed to play a tune automatically.

“Automated drum - “beatout loud”

It provides the main beat for the tune which makes it the back bone of the entire system. The frequency of drum beats are programmable.