Diploma in Bioengineering (S58)

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School: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
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Course Manager: Ngoh Shwu Lan
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DBEN Graduate 2017 Daniel Ng Wai Hung : Follow Your Heart  


DBEN Graduate 2017 Ong Xin Min: A natural choice

Citing the prestige of Singapore Polytechnic as a world-class institution, the warmth of its students and staff, and combined with the desire to help those in need and to improve lives, pursuing the Diploma in Bioengineering at SP was the natural choice for Xin Min.

The exposure and sharing of knowledgeable lecturers and invited industry speakers during the first two years of her study gave her a clearer picture of what the field of her study was about. It also provided her with the relevant skillset to help her delve further into more specific areas of bioengineering.

Besides the theoretical aspects of the study, various industry-oriented hands-on training made her appreciate the real-world constraints of manufacturing, guiding her engineering work to be more practical and realistic.

Xin Min greatly appreciates the rare opportunity given to her to be an intern at NUS, in a lab studying and producing flexible sensors using soft lithography. This experience would lead her and her Final Year Project teammates to design and build an Essential Tremor diagnostic device that won the Gold Award at the Biomedical Engineering (Singapore) 11th Scientific Meeting. For that, she is thankful for the guidance from her mentors at SP (Dr Ngoh Shwu Lan) and NUS (Professor Lim Chwee Teck and Mr Yeo Joo Chuan).

Looking back, she has this to say: “I am proud to be a SP graduate. I am especially grateful to all the experienced lecturers who had helped us grow and improve ourselves. My three years in SP have certainly broadened my horizon and adequately prepared me for any future endeavours.


DBEN Graduate 2017 Justin Leong Zhi Xian : Power of a good role model

Growing up watching his father work tirelessly to earn a living for his family as an electrical technician and then being promoted to the level of an electrical engineer after many years of dedicated service, Justin found a strong role model in his father when he decided to join SP’s Diploma in Bioengineering (DBEN).

Having a deep interest in mathematics and science when young, a passion for studying biology stood out as he has always thought of having a career that would be meaningful in allowing him to contribute to society by helping people. By joining the DBEN course, he will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to be valuable to the healthcare industry. His vision is to design, operate, and maintain medical devices such as prostheses to improve the quality of life of the disabled and the elderly.

Justin found his Final Year Project to be most memorable during this time in SP because he found satisfaction in being given trust and patience to perform by his project supervisor, Dr Win Tun Latt. As a result of this synergy between student and staff, Justin won the Gold and Merit award for his Final Year Project when it took part in the Assistive & Rehabilitation Technologies Student Innovation Challenge (ARTSIC) and The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) competitions respectively, this year. On record, Justin would like to thank SP, Dr Win, and the Research Engineers at the Bioengineering Lab for giving him the opportunity to learn and experience the field of engineering, as well as to holistically develop as a person.

Why choose engineering? Or why not? Justin has this to say: “Never tell yourself that you chose engineering because you don’t have a choice. But instead, tell yourself, you have the choice of choosing engineering… use this opportunity to learn and experience from the course of study and cultivate your character and mind set.