Diploma in Bioengineering (S58)

Contact Information:
School: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Tel: (65)-67751133
Course Manager: Ngoh Shwu Lan
Tel:(65) 65902796
General Enquiries: contactus@sp.edu.sg


Learn in the Bioengineering Hub which contains an array of high-tech instruments and software that studies the behaviours and characteristics of the human body by precisely measuring bio-mechanical parameters such as force, pressure distribution, deformation, motion and physiological signals.

Take a look at some of our equipment and facilities below.

3D Scanning & Printing

3D scanning and printing is used in reconstructive surgery & evaluation, sizing surveys, body shape analysis and customized apparel.

Isokinetic Testing System
This system measures muscle activity and strength of users. It allows bioengineers to create customised equipment for users.
Motion Capture System

This device captures motion data to study and observe human performance.

Applications include understanding human motion, improving treatment during rehabilitation as well as improving performance in sport applications.

Cortex Cardio-Pulmonary Testing System

Commonly used by doctors and professional sports trainers to assess performance of heart and lungs.

Vivitro Pulse Duplicator
This equipment simulates the human cardiovascular system, allowing students to better understand how the human heart works.
SphygmoCor Pulse Wave Analysis System

Students learn to measure central blood pressure and pulse wave velocity, using the gold standard  non-invasive SphygmoCor technology.