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Timothy to pursue his love of computing at Purdue University

In 2008, Timothy Thong topped the Diploma in Information Communication Technology course and was awarded the Course medal. He was also the proud recipient of the National Infocomm Scholarship (overseas) awarded by SingTel, under the auspices of IDA. It is the first scholarship awarded by SingTel to specialise in Infocomm Security.


Come August, Timothy will start his degree course in Computer Science at Purdue University in the United States. Timothy’s love for computing began when he was still in kindergarten. He watched his uncle typing away on the keyboard and thought it was ‘cool’. Slowly, he picked up computer skills and progressed onto programming, troubleshooting and installing Beta products.

To continue his passion in computing, he joined SP’s Diploma in Information Communication Technology course after his “O” levels. Timothy recalls, “The technical approach to learning appealed to me and I savoured every minute of it. Things began to fall in place as I scored good grades in the first year.”

Timothy has great advice for future students, “Make the best of the 3 years of your course and enrich yourself with technical knowledge and skills which can equip you for life."