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Seniors can be as active as teenagers

Do you think that senior citizens do not know how to have fun? Well, you may be wrong! On the 13 December 2012, the students of Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) and Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness (DNHW) volunteered their free time to help out at Clementi Community Centre’s event, Clementi Active Agers' Nite 2012. It was a night filled with excitement and fun. The DNHW and DFST stuents led the intergenerational bonding between the seniors and the younger generation. The seniors enjoyed themselves very much. Both the senior citizens and the students played games such as “Red Flag & White Flag” and “Pass the Parcel”. At the end of the whole event, there was a mass dancing session led by the students of DNHW. Everyone danced to the latest worldwide hit “Gangnam Style”. To the students’ surprise, the seniors knew this song!

At the end of the day, the exhausted students went home feeling satisfied as they knew that they did their best and the seniors enjoyed their company. Surprisingly, the older generation was more energetic as compared to the youngsters.

“Thank you so much for helping out in Clementi Active Agers' Night 2012. Your students are very pro-active and we could not have made the evening a successful one if not for them. We hope that they learnt something out of this and there will be more future collaborations between SP and Clementi AAC.”

Chia Chiat Yee
Constituency Manager(Wellness)
Clementi Community Centre (CC)




News & Announcements

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