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A fun and interactive way to learn food science


Have you ever wondered why some meringues are rubbery and elastic while others can be hard and brittle as a brick? Or despite the wide ranging flavours of jam available in stores, you will find it hard to find jams made of banana or durian?

Four Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students and staff from the Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) have developed a Food Science & Technology educational package to answer these questions in a fun and engaging manner.

The first such package in Singapore has already been licensed and commercialised by Amdon Consulting Group and incorporated into its Food Science & Technology enrichment programme for schools here and abroad.

As a testament to the quality of the package and the enrichment programme, Beatty Secondary School is the first local school to have its students attend the programme as part of their enrichment learning in the school. This program will also be introduced to other secondary schools.

Besides making fruit jams and baking meringues according to the Food Science & Technology education package, students had learnt the interesting concept in creating gummy candies with different textures.


News & Announcements

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