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Pioneer batch of Nutrition, Health and Wellness (DNHW) graduates with a BIG BANG

Three Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Wellness (DNHW) graduates from the pioneer batch were awarded the MOHH Health Science & Nursing Scholarship (Overseas) to pursue Bachelor degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics. They are Clarissa Tang Yoke Leng, Filzah Binte Abdul Rahim and Tan Ying Xin.  Song Shang Qian, Chua Chor Teck Gold Medallist, was awarded the MOH Health Science Scholarship. Chan Ka Yam, another DNHW graduate was recently awarded the SIT-Wilmar Scholarship.

(From left) Tan Ying Xin, Chan Ka Yam, Song Shang Qian,
Filzah Binte Abdul Rahim and Clarissa Tang Yoke Leng

The MOHH Health Science & Nursing Scholarship (Overseas) is offered to A Level and polytechnic diploma students with excellent results to pursue health sciences degrees in polytechnics or universities. MOHH Scholars are exposed to an exciting career in MOH's network of hospitals, polyclinics and healthcare institutions. Scholarship recipients will also be given internship opportunities before their studies and during their vacations to expose them to healthcare careers ahead.

SIT-Wilmar Scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding academic results, motivation to do well academically and good co-curricular activity records.

“It is truly an honour to receive such a prestigious scholarship and to be able to pursue my passion in the health industry! Special thanks to the lecturers of DNHW for preparing and grooming me to be a scholar!”

Song Shang Qian

“It's a real honour receiving the scholarship. Thank you so much, DNHW!”

Tan Ying Xin

“I am very grateful and honoured to be awarded the scholarship. I really appreciate that this scholarship would help me to realise my dream for a career in Dietetics and greatly ease the financial burden on my parents.”

Clarissa Tang Yoke Leng

“I felt honoured to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my dream career. It's comforting to have everything falling into place as planned.”

Filzah Binte Abdul Rahim

“This scholarship will encourage me to study even harder to reach my ultimate goal: To make my parents feel proud!”

Chan Ka Yam


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