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Project NEPAL (Never Ending Passion And Love)

Between 18 March and 1 April 2012, a group of 31 comprising 2 lecturers, 3 alumni and 26 students from the diplomas of Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science (DACP), Chemical Engineering (DCHE) and Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (DPCS) courses embarked on an overseas service learning trip organised by the DACP Student Chapter.

The main objective of the trip was to make a difference in the lives of students from Shree Janakalyan Lower Secondary School (below). Located in Nagarkot village which is 32 km east of Kathmandu and 1900 m above sea-level, this school provides education for over 200 students ranging from Primary 1 to Secondary 2.

They managed to accomplish this objective through various activities such as :

  • Conducting practical sessions on Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  • Conducting art and craft lessons on mosaic cum gel freshener and origami
  • Organising games such as Chapteh, Hopscotch, Zero-Point, Jump Rope, Table Tennis and Captain’s Ball

These activities brought much fun and laughter to the Nepalese children and gave our students a chance to relive their childhood memories. Mr Pertam Tamang, principal of the school, gave positive feedback that his students had such a wonderful time that they did not mind having to return to school even though it was their school holidays.


A student volunteer conducting a science lesson (left); and Nepalese students having fun with their origami creations (right)

Several key projects were also accomplished such as:

  • Phase 1 of classroom construction
  • Pilot implementation of a rainwater harvesting system
  • Refurbishment of the school library and table tennis facilities

Our student helping to prepare the foundation of the classroom (left); and picture showing the site where the classroom was to be constructed (right)

The team worked hard through cold winds, dry weather and hot sun. Though there were a few incidents that occurred during the trip, their spirits were not dampened. Instead, they strived even harder to accomplish their goals with zero casualties. They attended daily lessons in order to gain a fuller appreciation of Nepalese culture. This included basic Nepali (language), the history of Nepal and Nepalese lifestyle. Daily facilitation sessions were carried out to encourage our students to reflect on their experiences.

Many shed tears at the end of the trip. We hope that cherished memories from their time in Nepal, along with valuable lessons learnt, would inspire each student to be a better person.