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As a child, Dr Jonathan Loh Yuin-Han’s was intrigued by the world around him. His years at Bukit View Secondary School introduced him to the world of biology. Despite his less than stellar O level results, Dr Loh remained undeterred and proceeded to read Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Biotechnology where his active involvement in laboratory research fuelled his interest in the biomedical sciences.

At SP, Dr Loh received the Quest Technology Award for academic excellence. It only seemed apt for him to further his studies in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the National University of Singapore, where he graduated with First Class Honours in 2002.

Driven by his aspiration to contribute to the life sciences sector, Dr Loh moved on to pursue graduate studies at the Genome Institute of Singapore, where he was a recipient of the A*STAR Graduate Scholarship. Dr Loh is now a research fellow at Harvard Medical School.


Passion for Science: Dr Loh, an A*Star Scholar and research fellow at Harvard Medical School.


For his outstanding efforts in the field of life sciences, Dr Loh was recently awarded the Young Scientist Award (Biological & Biomedical Sciences) 2009.

To those who aspire to carve a career in this field, Dr Loh advises: "A career in the life sciences is demanding and challenging, but also exciting and immensely satisfying. It is a calling for the current generation to build on existing knowledge and continually strive to harness molecular information for the betterment of human lives."