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Innovation and creativity unleashed at first-ever IE Challenge

The first-ever IE, or Introduction to Engineering, Challenge on 11 Feb 09 saw a total of 42 teams taking part. The competition was open to all EEE first-year students who took the module on "Introduction to Engineering". However to be eligible for the competition, the students must have completed the basic requirements for their project called the "Moving Car Transit". This required the students to develop small prototype cars which can detect and count gantries in a forward, as well as in reverse fashion.

Catch the action on the day of competition – see video.
See also video put up by students themselves.

The students' project entries were judged on the complexity and workability of the features which have been incorporated into them by a select group of lecturers who also taught the module to first-year students. One of the lecturers involved in the Challenge, Lee Kheng Kwang felt "a great sense of satisfaction in seeing so many enthusiastic students showing off their projects". This was similarly shared by other lecturers who also served on the panel of judges for the competition.

First-year Diploma in Clean Energy student, Kang Kok Wei, team leader of the third group, was happy with the effort and hard work that his team had put in, but was somewhat disappointed with the team's third placing. However, he felt that valuable lessons were learnt. He added, "Although our project worked well during our test runs before the competition, we now realise that conditions during actual competition could be different. For example, really bright lights during the competition affected our project's performance".

First position : DASE 1A23
Pheh Ying Hong - Team Leader
Ng Sze Zhuang
Quek Boon Kiat

Second position : DEEE 1A22
Boo Kuok Liang - Team Leader
Loh Kah Yi Justine
Jason Ang Yuan Rong
Lu Weida

Third position: DCEG 1A23
Kang Kok Wei - Team Leader
Wong Meng Kwong
Ng Chi Sim Duncan
Shona Tan



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