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A BIG win for CLS students at the GO GREEN Award Ceremony

In September 2011, the Huairou HOPE Team embarked on their Youth Expedition Project (YEP) trip to refurbish a kindergarten, interact with the children there and share with the Chinese teachers some useful IT skills.

In March 2012, another group of CLS students completed Project NEPAL (Never Ending Passion And Love), which made a big difference in the lives of students from Shree Janakalyan Lower Secondary School in Nepal.  At the same time,  and Team F.H.M. travelled to Cambodia to help the children at the Unaccompanied Association (UNACAS) orphanage, located at Lechwat Village in Kandal Province.

Each team produced a video, documenting their daily lives in the different countries and the activities carried out during their trips. Their videos captured the genuine smiles, the joy and the laughter of the children which touched the hearts of all the viewers. For their effort, Huairou HOPE Team, Project NEPAL and Team FHM placed second to fourth, respectively, in the Go Serve Competition Video Challenge.


Three third-year students from the Diploma in Food Science and Technology (DFST) produced a mobile application that allows users to find out interesting facts about plants which they photograph. This innovative application won them the Championship prize for the Green Appsolutely Competition.

And to top it all off, each winning team in the video and mobile application competitions also won their very own tree in Singapore Polytechnic! Representatives from each of the teams got together in a ceremony to plant their trees at the GO GREEN Award Ceremony on 21 November 2012.

DFST students and their Project Supervisor

Huairou HOPE Team members and SP Principal

Project NEPAL team members and SP Principal

Team F.H.M. members and SP Principal


News & Announcements

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