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From media conferences, to interactive drama workshops, to mobile apps and news coverage, we've done them all!



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The Leon Theory

Leon struggles to adjust to poly life and stresses over his Gen Ed module. The girls from The Insiders have a problem and Leon has the solution. Pathi brokers a deal between Leon and the girls - one that will change Leon’s life forever.

I Want To See The World

Muncar is a busker who performs from market to market to make a living. The only difference is that he is visually impaired after losing his sight at the age of 2. "I Want To See The World" follows the story of Muncar, who taught himself to play the guitar and the flute despite his disability. The theme of poverty is being explored as we see how Muncar's financial limitation prevents him from reaching his full musical potential. Filmed in Lombok Indonesia, the documentary is produced by Year 3 DTVM students as part of their module On-Location Production.

Values of Yesterday

This is a poetic documentary that explores the themes of values, past and present, through the mystical visuals of an-almost dying attraction, the Haw Pa Villa.