Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics)



Data is ubiquitous in government and in industry sectors including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail.  This course provides graduates with fundamental skills in statistics and data mining that are required by jobs in these industries that involve working with data and extracting information that is useful to the business.


Course Objectives


The objectives of the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) are to provide training in the fundamentals of statistics and programming for data science, and to provide training on specialised skills in the areas of data mining and applied statistical methods.  Graduates of the course will be competent in summarising and presenting data, performing statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate data, preparing data, developing and applying predictive models, and using descriptive models to uncover patterns in data.


Suitable for


This course is suitable for working adults employed in sectors that require expertise in Data Science such as government, banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail.  The course contains a mix of theory and application, and requires that students have a good foundation in mathematics.

Special Requirements
Students in this course are required to bring a notebook computer to class. Necessary software is provided free-of-charge to students for the duration of the course.



Minimum Entry Requirements

Students enrolled in the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) must satisfy at least one of the following entry requirements:

(i) An engineering diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore
(ii) Any diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore AND

  • a C6 or better in Additional Mathematics in the O-level examinations
  • OR a C grade or better in a one-semester polytechnic mathematics module that substantially covers the Additional Mathematics syllabus;
  • OR relevant work experience (considered on a case-by-case basis).

(iii) Any degree from one of the following Singapore universities: NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT, or SUSS (UniSIM).

Candidates with degrees from other universities are considered on a case-by-case basis

Course Outline


This course consists of 2 post diploma certificates (PDCs). Each PDC comprises two modules and the details are as follows:


Please click here for Module Synopsis


Semester One
PDC 1 Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science
Module 1 - Introduction to Statistics for Data Science
Module 2 - Introduction to Programming for Data Science
Semester Two
PDC 2 Certificate in Data Analytics

Module 3 - Data Mining Techniques
Module 4 - Applied Statistical Methods



Award / Certification / Accreditation


Upon completion of two Certificates within a two-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Specialist Diploma qualification from Singapore Polytechnic.


Course Fees

Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics)
Post Diploma Certificates (PDC) Singapore Citizens Below the age of 40 Singapore Citizens
Aged 40 and above
Singapore PR Enhanced Training Support for SME scheme Workfare Training Support scheme Others / Repeat Students
Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science $389.06 $259.36 $1,037.48 $267.86 $146.66 $2,593.68
Certificate in Data Analytics $389.06 $259.36 $1,037.48 $267.86 $146.66 $2,593.68
Total Course Fees: $778.12 $518.72 $2,074.96 $535.72 $293.32 $5,187.36


Other Fees Payable:

Fee Description Per semester (after GST)
Singapore Citizens Singapore PR and others
Examination Fee - $16.05
Miscellaneous Fee $7.49   $7.49
Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS) $0.94   $0.94
Insurance Fee (GPA) $0.85   $0.85
Total $9.28 $25.33

- The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- Post Diploma Module Certificate fee is payable on a semester basis.

- Post Diploma course participants who submit the withdrawal notification 2 weeks before course commencement, an administrative fee of $50 (before GST) would be levied.




Terms and Conditions

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Course Commencement:
Oct 2018

Registration Period
To be advised

* Registration may be closed once seats are filled up

Class schedule:

2 evenings a week
6:30pm - 9:30pm

240 hours (1 year)


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Academic Calendar

Application Procedures



Terms and Conditions






Email: ptenquiry@sp.edu.sg

For course specific details, please contact the course manager:


Name: Robert A Straughan

Email: ras@sp.edu.sg