Certificate Course in 1st Grade Engineering Knowledge II (For Steam Engineers)



What is this course about?

This course provides participants with further coverage in the principles, safe and efficient operation and maintenance of boilers.


Participants who are attending this course are not required to register separately for the examination.



Suitable for

Participants working in a plant with boilers and other pressure equipment and who wish to obtain the Certificate of Competency in 1st Grade Steam Engineer from Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


Assumed Skills and Knowledge

Applicant must fulfil either of the following Tracks:

Track 1
1. Applicant must have attained Certificate in Competency 2nd Grade Steam Engineer AND
2. Has a local Polytechnic Engineering Diploma or a recognised Engineering Degree by the Singapore Professional Engineers Board at http://app.peb.gov.sg/Html/pe_approved.html

  • If yes, please send your transcripts to pace@sp.edu.sg to check for module exemption(s).
  • If no, please refer to Track 2 below.


Track 2
Applicant must have attained the following:

1. Class 1 Boiler Attendant's Certificate of Competency AND
2. Certificate of Competency 2nd Grade Steam Engineer

Important Notes:

  1. The maximum period of time that a candidate may take to achieve a pass in all prescribed 1st Grade Steam Engineer modules/examinations is 5 years. Candidates will have to retake all modules/examinations if this time limit is breached.
  2. Upon successful completion of all prescribed 1st Grade Steam Engineer modules/examinations, you may apply for the Certificate of Competency 1st Grade Steam Engineer.
  3. Applicants who registered for 2nd Grade Steam Engineer modules are not allowed to register for 1st Grade Steam Engineer modules, and vice versa.
  4. Candidates are advised that passing all the relevant SP modules does not automatically entitle them to the award of the Certificate of Competency. The Board (of MOM) may impose additional requirements and conditions, where applicable, for the award of the Certificate of Competency.
  5. There were preceding instances where company representatives sent in emails to replace an applicant. Please note that we will no longer accede to requests for ‘swapping’ or ‘replacement’ among colleagues.


Course Outline

1. The Factories Act
2. General Principles of Boilers
3. Construction of Boilers
4. Combustion of Fuel, Settings, Combustion Equipment
5. Boiler Accessories
6. Accessories Safety controls and Combustion controls, Boiler Management System
7. Operation of Steam Boilers
8. Inspection & Maintenance of Boilers including NDE
9. Types of tube failures and repair procedures
10. Auxiliary Steam Plant Equipment
11. Water Treatment and Water Chemistry
12. Training of operators
13. Codes SS 102; ASME Section 1, 7,8 and 9; API 510




Mode of Assessment

Scheduled date written examination at the end of the course.



Funding Incentive

1.  Skills Development Funding (SDF)
Eligible company-sponsored applicants get to enjoy the funding and the SDF application must be made via SkillsConnect 180 days before course commencement date or within 60 days of the course commencement date. Please check http://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg/ for more information.

2.  SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)
With effect from January 2016, Singaporeans aged 25 years and above who received their SkillsFuture Credit account activation letter will be eligible for an initial credit of $500 which can be used to pay for course fees for a range of eligible skills-related courses. The credits can be used on top of existing course fee subsidies/funding.

This is only applicable for self-sponsored applicants. Application via SkillsFuture Portal can only be made starting from 30 days before the course commencement date.


A Certificate of Performance will be issued to every participant whose attendance is not less than 75% and has sat and passed the written examination.



Application Procedure

1. All applications must be made via Online Registration at www.pace.sp.edu.sg

Course fees can be paid by the following payment modes:

Credit Cards, Internet Banking, NETS (Not Applicable for company sponsored)
a) For e-payment using Visa/Master cards and Internet Banking, please click on the ‘Make e-Payment’ button on the acknowledgement page to proceed.

b) For NETS payment, you can pay at:
Singapore Polytechnic
PACE Academy
Blk T1A, Level 1
Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 7:30pm

c) Please make cheques payable to “Singapore Polytechnic”. Please cross the cheque and write the Registration Reference ID, Applicant Name and NRIC/FIN number on the back of the cheque. Mail the cheque to:

Singapore Polytechnic
PACE Academy
500 Dover Road
Blk T1A, Level 1
Singapore 139651

Please note that an administrative charge of $15 will be imposed for any returned cheques from the bank or financial institution.

2. All successful applicants will be notified with a letter of confirmation via email.

3. Withdrawal and Deferment

Withdrawal and deferment notice must be made in writing to the Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy, Singapore Polytechnic via email accordingly:

Online Courses - elearning@sp.edu.sg
All other Courses pace@sp.edu.sg

For withdrawal cases, the portion of course fee to be refunded is based on the date of notice as follows:


  • 2 weeks before the commencement of the course - Full refund
  • Less than 2 weeks before commencement of the course - 70% refund
  • On or after date of commencement - No refund


  • There will be no refund or transfer of course once the account has been created.

The Singapore Polytechnic reserves the right to cancel or postpone any of the courses. Applicants will be duly notified and where applicable, the full fees will be refunded.

The Singapore Polytechnic also reserves the right to amend the fees charged or the period and duration of the courses.

The data provided to Singapore Polytechnic will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for the purpose of course administration. The data may be passed on to the relevant organisations that require the information related to the course.





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Course Period:
17 Apr 2017 to 01 Sep 2017
Registration Period:
01 Feb 2017 to 13 Mar 2017

Course Period:
16 Oct 2017 to 08 Dec 2017
Registration Period:
01 Aug 2017 to 10 Sept 2017


Registrants will be notified for actual date, time & venue at least 1 week before the commencement of the course.


Please note that once the maximum class size is reached, the online registration will be closed.



Application Procedure






Duration: 60 hours


Venue: Singapore Polytechnic




$900.00 (without GST)

$963.00  (with GST)


Please see Funding Incentives for more information






Terms and Conditions