WSQ Optimise Efficiency of Motor Driven Systems

What is this course about?


This competency unit covers the generic skills and knowledge of optimising the efficiency of motor driven systems. It includes the interpretation of specifications of motors and their load characteristics, interpretation of electrical motor drawings and control circuit drawings, and identification of salient features of the motor driven systems. It also covers selection of appropriate techniques to achieve energy saving, troubleshooting and reporting of faults and failures in motor drive systems


The training delivery comprises practical hands-on training in the laboratory, lectures and in-course assessment.


Suitable for

- Technicians,
- Engineers,
- Technical Supervisors,
- Designers and Integrators and
- Other personnel whose work scope is involved or related to HVAC system.


Assumed Skills and Knowledge

Learners are assumed to:

  • Have work experience or training related to electrical work.
  • Have work experience or training related to safe practices in electrical work.
  • Be able to compute resultant of series and parallel resistances.
  • Be able to compute power, speed, torque, energy and efficiency.
  • Be able to listen to and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System (ESS) level 6.
  • Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS level 6, and
  • Be able to process numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS level 6

Funding Incentives

Course Fee: $2,300.00 (without GST)

GST: $161.00


Funding Type Funded amount Amount Payable (with GST)
Singaporeans and PRs $465.00 $1996.00
Singapore Citizens 40 years old and above $1550.00 $911.00
Workfare Training Support (WTS) letter holders / Singapore Citizens 35 years old and above (13 years and above for Persons With Disabilities) + earning <$2,000 $2185.00 $276.00
Singaporeans and PRs from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) $1550.00 $911.00


Participants have to meet minimum 75% attendance and attain competency in the module. If the 75% attendance and/or competency criteria are not met, participants will have to pay the subsidy amount to Singapore Polytechnic.


Please submit latest payslip (only applicable to WTS subsidy applicant) and completed Declaration Form upon successful Enrolment to receive the subsidies.



Course Outline

  • Interpret specifications of different type of motors and their load characteristics.
  • Interpret electrical motor drawings and control circuit drawings.
  • Identify salient features of motor driven systems.
  • Verify the optimisation of the motor driven systems based on Affinity Law.
  • Select appropriate techniques to achieve energy saving.
  • Troubleshoot for faults and/or failures in motor drive systems.
  • Report findings of faults and/or failures, according to organisational procedures.


Mode of Assessment

Participants will be assessed on their competencies in each module through in-course assessment, practical tests and theory tests.




Upon passing this module, participants will receive Statement of Attainment (SOA) for that module.



Documents Required for Registration (to be uploaded at point of online registration)

Upon completing online registration, please submit the following:

1. Photocopy (back and front) of NRIC for Singaporeans and PRs, or “Employment”/ “S” Pass for foreign applicants

2. Minimum ESS Level 6 (Copies of your academic certificate/result slip/ transcript (eg: GCE ‘N’, ‘O’ Certificate, NITEC, Diploma, Degree, WPLN SOA))

3. WSQ Declaration Form (Download here > Declaration Form)

  • For company-sponsored applicant, please proceed to submit the Training Grant (TG) application via SkillsConnect within 30 days before the course start date otherwise full course fee ($2,461.00) will be charged.

4. Payslip is required for applicant who is 35 years old and above (13 years and above for Persons With Disabilities) with monthly income $2,000.00 or less OR to produce WTS letter to enjoy WTS funding.


 IMPORTANT: Applications without ALL of the above required supporting documents will be considered incomplete and rejected. Singapore Polytechnic regrets that we will not be able to inform individual applicants of the incomplete documentation nor disclose the reasons for selection/non-selection of applicants.

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Note: PACE Academy course schedules, course trainer, course fees and course availability are subject to change without prior notice.



a) For e-payment using Visa/Master cards, please click on the ‘Make ePayment’ button on the acknowledgement page to proceed.

b) For NETS payment, please pay at:

Singapore Polytechnic
PACE Academy
Blk T1A, Level 1
Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 7:30pm

c) Cheques should be made payable to Singapore Polytechnic. Please cross the cheque and write the Registration Reference ID, Applicant Name and NRIC/FIN number on the back of the cheque. Mail the cheque to:

ATTN: PACE Academy
Singapore Polytechnic
PACE Academy
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Singapore 139651

Withdrawal and Deferment

Withdrawal and deferment notice must be made in writing to the Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy via email to For withdrawal cases, the portion of course fee to be refunded is based on the date of notice as follows:

• 2 weeks before the commencement of the course - Full refund
• Less than 2 weeks before commencement of the course - 70% refund
• On or after date of commencement - No refund
* Unless otherwise stated in the course webpage

The Singapore Polytechnic reserves the right to cancel or postpone any of the courses. Applicants will be duly notified and where applicable, the full fees will be refunded.

The Singapore Polytechnic also reserves the right to amend the fees charged or the period and duration of the courses.


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Terms and Conditions




Course Date:



Registration End Date:


Please note that once the maximum class size is reached, the online registration will be closed.







Training - 27 hours

Assessment - 4 hours


Day: Monday to Friday


Time: 9am - 4pm, except final session 9pm - 5pm


Venue: Singapore Polytechnic




Course Fee: $2,300.00 (w/o GST)

GST: $161.00


Full Course Fee: $2,461.00


Please refer to Funding Incentives for more information. 




Please read the application procedure before proceeding to fill in the application form.


1) Online application only.


2) Complete the online application form and click ‘Submit’. Ensure all supporting documents are uploaded at point of registration.


3) Submit the WSQ Declaration Form


Download WSQ Declaration Form here


4) Successful applicants will receive a 'class list' email which will include payment of course fee information. Email will be sent within 2 weeks prior to course date.


5) You will only be enrolled to class upon making payment of course.


6) You will receive an email when the course is confirmed.


1) Applications without ALL of the supporting documents and declaration form will be considered incomplete and rejected.




Terms and Conditions