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The SP Business School Club or SB Club in short, is a student-run body that focuses on making student life a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all students at the SP Business School (SB). The club is an Academic Constituent Club of SP, representing students from SB. All SB students automatically qualify for membership to SB Club, and with it, the opportunity to participate in various fun, exciting and engaging activities.

Each year, the club organises a broad range of events, from social activities, to sports and even academic events for the SB student population. The Club aspires to get all students involved, to have fun and to love their polytechnic experience.


The SB Club Executive Committee (EXCO) is well represented by students from the respective diplomas in SB as well as the SB Times. Its responsibilities include spear-heading and driving initiatives, proposals and meaningful projects, with the assistance of specially selected teams of highly motivated, capable individuals: Committee Members and Associates. The SB Times is the editorial and publicity arm of SB Club.

Presenting our 15 EXCO members for the current academic year:

Here at SB, we want to give you the best Polytechnic experience possible by offering all sorts of opportunities and experiences including social events, camps, community service events, sports and more!
And don’t forget to follow us on our very own Instagram page, @sb.club


Don’t miss the following events brought to you especially by SB Club and sign up as soon as details are released. To find out more about past events, click on the event itself.

29 - 31 March 2017   SB Freshmen Orientation Camp 2017
10 - 13 April 2017   SB Freshmen Orientation Programme 2017
2 June 2017   SB Achiever's Function
30 June 2017 - 1 July 2017   SB Club Bonding Day
7 July 2017   SB Club Annual General Meeting
14 July 2017   Year 1 “Meet the Parents” session
July-August 2017   Community Service-Project,K,A.N.
2 August 2017   International Friendship Day
9-12 October 2017   LEAP Camp (Coordinator)
3 November 2017   SB Bonding Day
27 - 29 December 2017   No Name Camp
March 2018   Freshmen Orientation Camp
April 2018   Freshmen Orientation Programme
April/May 2018   SB Graduation Day
*Calendar of events are subject to changes

Semester One 2017/18 Issue

Have a question, comment, suggestion or concern for the SB Club?
Do contact the SB Club Exco at spbizschoolclub@cca.sg

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