Certificate in Digital Film (CDF)



A filmmaker’s journey makes a compelling story. The Certificate in Digital Film (CDF) is a full-time Diploma-Plus Programme consisting of modules on the history of film, the craft and process of scriptwriting and directing for film as well as a project.

Understanding film production. Taught by industry experts, CDF supplements your diploma, giving you full artistic control and confidence behind the camera and enhanced employability in the media production industry.

With the course, you will:
  • Understand and experience the creative processes of film production, using industry-standard, high-definition digital film equipment for your projects.
  • Learn to conceptualise and write original film and documentary scripts.
  • Learn to produce and direct your own short films — visualise your story, turn a script into a sequence of shots, guide your actors and understand the input of camera angles, lens effects, lighting, set design and film editing.
  • Be well-placed for careers in the production of television series and commercials as well as corporate videos.

Course Fees. $100 per module for the first two modules (SC7251 History of Film and SC7252 Scriptwriting for Film) and $150 for the third and fourth modules (SC7253 Directing for Film and SC7254 Project); $500 in total for the entire certificate course.



Contact Mr Tan Bee Thiam at 
6870 8336 or email him at Tan_Bee_Thiam@sp.edu.sg