General Education


Combining a breadth of topics and issues with a depth of understanding and expression

The first initiative of its kind in a local polytechnic, the General Education programme expresses SP's ongoing commitment to a well-rounded education.
The two-year full-time module is a requirement for all 15,000 SP students.

Think wide, delve deep

Because today's world is a rich web of interacting disciplines, it's not enough just to know a single field of study — we want to help you see the bigger picture and get your views across effectively. That's why we've introduced a groundbreaking General Education programme modelled on the liberal arts education embraced by many leading US universities.

Learn creatively

General Education exposes you to a range of subjects and disciplines. Recognising that learning itself is a journey of multiple stages and styles, our educators combine different teaching approaches including lectures, seminars, presentations, journalling, role-playing, excursions and independent research. The programme also helps you to acquire Design Thinking tools for understanding issues and creative problem-solving.

With the GenEd course, you will:

  • Become aware of developments across multiple disciplines and develop a keen perspective on local and global issues
  • Learn to form sharp, balanced critiques of past and current events and trends; forecast the revolutions of the future; articulate your views persuasively; and make your mark on a changing globe.

There are four semester-long modules offered
under the GenEd programme over a two-year

• General Education 1 (Critical Reasoning & Argumentation)
• General Education 2 (Critical Reasoning & Persuasion)
• General Education 3 (Issues & Perspectives)
• Social Innovation Project

You can also view the complete list of modules here .


For further details, please contact Ms Liu Sin Yee at or  6772 1091.