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The Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) course provides an inquiry-focus curriculum for bio-enthusiasts who love to learn through self-discovery. The Diploma equips students with current and relevant skills for application in the field of translational and life sciences, research and the bio-pharmaceutical industries through our state-of-the-art training facilities.



Biotechnology students can look forward to a year-long internship in the biologics and life sciences industries as well as the research laboratories in universities, Biopolis, healthcare institutions, and bio-pharmaceutical companies. They will be engaged in real-life investigative R&D projects alongside scientists and their teams. Some students have the option of conducting research in foreign universities and R&D institutes such as the Eastern China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica in China, the Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cornell University and Harvard Medical School in the United States. These overseas stints help students develop a global outlook and gain unique cultural experiences.


A Value-Add and Holistic Education

The biotechnology course provides the opportunity and space for students to develop to their full potential in academic and co-curricular activities. Besides entering into the working industries, many of our biotechnology graduates have gone on to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Biotechnology students are encouraged to participate actively in Community Involvement Projects (CIP) both locally and overseas to widen their prospective and global outlook. This will form part of the criteria for students to achieve their National Youth Achievement Awards (Gold). Numerous CIPs have further moved on to participate in Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition.


Further studies

The biotechnology course pride itself as being hands-on and current. Many biotechnology graduates have pursued further studies in Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Bioengineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy and double degree in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine at local and overseas universities with advanced standing. Biotech graduates are eligible to apply for Medicine and Dentistry in NUS and NTU.


Course Highlights


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Science that changes lives

“The comprehensive curriculum which places great emphasis on hands-on and applied learning has equipped me with the relevant skills needed in my journey beyond Singapore Polytechnic. The recently implemented Final Year Project system, with its emphasis on self-exploration, has imparted me with a sturdy foundation in research and data analysis. The 30-week internship at A*STAR has built my confidence as a work ready researcher and most importantly, a world ready individual!”


Don Loi Xu
Lee Kuan Yew Award Recipient 2017
Biotechnology Course Gold Medallist 2017
Yakult (Singapore) Gold Medal recipient
OCBC Prize winner
SP Model Student Award winner


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