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DDA Digital Painting Talk by Stanley 'Artgerm' Law

05 November 2014

On November 5 2014 3pm-6pm the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA) students attended talks on Digital Painting by Mr. KC Leong from Wacom and Mr. Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau from Imaginary Friends at the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology (DMIT).
Prizes given away during Wacom presentation
Mr. Leong came to explain to the attendees about the inner workings and detailed specifications of the Wacom tablet. He talked about the importance of Wacom’s patented electro popularity, citing statistics from around the world (80% market share in the world, 93% in Japan). Mr. Leong shared his view on the massively growing digital art job opportunities and the importance of being a part of the art communities. On top of this, he managed to keep the presentation interesting by having quizes, allowing participants to win prizes from Wacom.
Artgerm’s presentation
The second presenter was Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau who is one of the most highly regarded digital painters in Singapore and around the world. To the audience, many from the 60 students aspiring to be digital animators, he shared his personal experience on how to provide more exposure for your own artwork instead of just the usual drawing techniques and tips.

Artgerm established the importance of creating a fanbase through social media, and outlined the effectiveness of having said fanbase. He has a unique view on developing emotional attachment between his art and his clients, as well as the many methods of converting your client to become fans, including famous brands such as Apple. So even when someone else comes along promising higher quality for a lower cost, a fan would be able to find ways to justify why yours is better.
At the end of Artgerm’s presentation he held a Q&A session, answering a good number of questions from students, even encouraging them to start showing off our art and building a fanbase, via livestreams and other forms of social media. “(I) never expected that artgerm actually came to our school gave us so much insights on how to start up/start out, interacting with us openly and truthfully and answering our many questions” said Tessa one of many motivated young digital painters.
It was definitely a great experience to get an idea of how digital painting works, as well as learn how to build a successful career from drawing. The event was definitely worth it, and absolutely recommended for anyone interested in capitalising on his or her art.

Group photo of attendees


Artgerm’s presentation
Display and demo table for Wacom tablets



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